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Campus Anti-Semitism 1999

Veteran Holocaust-denier Bradley Smith, who runs a group called the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, continued his longtime campaign seeking to place paid advertisements in college and university newspapers. These ads, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, cast doubt on the reality of the Holocaust. This year, he produced both a new quarter-page ad and a separate 27-page newsprint document designed as a supplemental insert into campus newspapers. He found nine takers for his ad and two -the campus newspapers at Hofstra University and Boise State University - which distributed his insert.

Through the combined efforts of ADL:s Campus/Higher Education Affairs Department and Regional Offices, often working with Hillel and other organizations, the alarm has been heard in the campus journalistic community regarding Smith's campaign. ADL has produced a counteraction packet that has been distributed to campuses across the country. The ADL Web site contains an extensive documentation and analysis of the Holocaust-denial campaign that is widely accessed on many campuses.

The League continues to maintain its vigilance and increase efforts at counteraction. One item of particular note is a forthcoming invitational colloquium, cosponsored by ADL and The New York Times, in which top professional journalists from The Times will work with campus newspaper editors to develop professionally valid standards of advertising acceptability and suitability. Our hope is that this program will result in campus journalists coming to understand more fully that the rejection of Holocaust-denial and other hate group advertisements is fully in accord with all accepted standards of freedom of speech and of the press.

Hate on campus has not been restricted to the Holocaust-denial campaign. ADL has worked with Northwestern University in responding to the repeated efforts of Matt Hale, head of the white supremacist group, The World Church of the Creator, to come onto the campus and register his so-called "church" as a recognized religious association. ADL worked with the Housing and Student Affairs staff at Fordham University to craft a response to an outbreak of swastika graffiti in the dormitories. The League worked with Georgetown University and with local and Federal law enforcement authorities when a Menorah on campus was vandalized and subsequently attacked a second time.

Counteraction and Prevention

ADL programs on campus seek to prevent acts of bigotry as well as respond to them. These programs include the Albert Finkelstein Memorial Study Mission to Poland, Bulgaria and Israel for Campus Newspaper Editors, the Bess Myerson Campus Journalism Awards, and the Samuel and Mildred Levine Institute to Combat Bigotry on Campus. ADL Campus Affairs staff recently provided a comprehensive workshop on responding to acts of hate and hate crimes to the entire corps of Resident Advisers at Ohio State University. ADL's A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE" program is bringing effective anti-bias education training to many campuses and The "Blacks and Jews in Conversation" program brings Jewish and African-American state court judges to campus to promote intergroup dialogue.

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