I Executive Summary
II Summer 1999: A Season of Hate
III The Findings
IV Anti-Semitism and the Internet
V Harassment, Threats and Assaults
VI Vandalism Incidents
VII Campus Incidents

Regional Breakdown

IX Arrests
X Conclusion
XI President Clinton on ADL & Hate Crime
XII Federal Hate Crime Response Initiatives
XIII A Note on Evaluating Anti-Semitic Incidents
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President Clinton on ADL
and Hate Crime

President Bill Clinton, speaking on October 29 at the 86th annual ADL National Commission Meeting in Atlanta, praised ADL's work and pledged to continue pressuring the House of Representatives to pass an effective Federal hate crimes statute.

"More than anything else tonight, I came here to say 'Thank you,' " said Mr. Clinton. "Thank you for your commitment for fighting anti-Semitism and terrorism, and for promoting religious freedom throughout the world."

The President also spoke of concerns at home, notably the disturbing trend of hate violence and the deadly summer 1999 attacks against Jews, Blacks and Asian Americans. "If I could leave America after my presidency with one wish, it would be to be one America to revel in our diversity, to respect it, to celebrate it, to enjoy it, to make it interesting," he said. "You can only really revel in it if you believe that our common humanity is more important than the things which make us different.

"Thank you for developing a model hate crimes statute, which is now the law in 40 of our 50 states. Thank you for helping us to organize the first-ever White House Conference on Hate Crimes. Thank you for standing with us to promote excellence and diversity and equal opportunity . . . .

"Thank you for your pioneering work to filter out hate on the Internet - which, lamentably, was part of the poison that led to the tragedy of Columbine High School. Thank you for making a world of difference, through your A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, to teach tolerance on campuses and to law enforcement officials across our land. I thank you for all that ....

"Isn't it interesting that in this most modern of all imaginable worlds, with even more breathtaking discoveries just around the corner . . . that the biggest problem the world faces is the oldest problem of human society, the fear of the other. We all still continue to turn aside at the sight of a stranger - people we do not know, therefore, we do not understand; therefore, we easily fear; therefore, we easily dismiss and pretty soon dehumanize them after that, how easy it is to justify violence . . . .

"And so the most urgent task, as we stand on the threshold of the new millennium, is . . . to build what Congressman (John] Lewis . . . and before him, Dr. King, called `the beloved community,' one in which we genuinely love those even with whom we disagree because we do not fear those who are different. ADL has always stood for that."


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