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September 11 and Arab Media: The Anti-Jewish and Anti-American Blame Game RULE
Celebration Of September 11 Attacks/Anthrax Scare

  • "The truth is that I wondered how to begin! Should I greet you [i.e. anthrax], or should I curse you? Should I hold my tongue?… I will begin by saying: Oh Anthrax, despite your wretchedness, you have sown horror in the heart of the lady of arrogance, of tyranny, of boastfulness! Your gentle touch has made the U.S.'s life rough and pointless. You have filled the lady who horrifies and terrorizes the world with fear, and her feet almost fail to bear [her weight] in horror and fear of you. Because of you, she has lost confidence in the moment in which she lives, or in which she will live . . . In sound mind, I thank you and confess that I like you, I like you very much. May you continue to advance, to permeate, and to spread. If I may give you a word of advice, enter the air of those 'symbols,' the water faucets from which they drink, and the pens with which they draft their traps and conspiracies against the wretched peoples… Turn the bodies of the tyrants into matches burning slowly and gradually, so that they understand that the truth belongs to Allah and that they should give those entitled to rights their rights."

      - op-ed article in Al-Risala, Gaza-based Hamas weekly, November 7, 2001, by columnist Dr. 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh, entitled "To Anthrax" (MEMRI, November 7, 2001, No. 297)

  • "As a lawyer, I say to Suspect No. 1, as the American government calls him: Oh Osama . . . you are a hero in the full sense of the word. [You possess] all the manly virtues, those [virtues] lacking in the half-men who control the Muslim and Arab resources (i.e. Arab rulers). For this reason, you will continue to live in our hearts and in our minds . . . Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings are upon you; no peace, no mercy, and no blessings on the traitors and cowards who have been blinded to the truth by the pleasures of domination. May you eradicate American and its 'infinite justice;' victory to Islam and the Muslims."

      - Afaq Arabiya, Egyptian-based journal of the Muslim Brotherhood, September 26, 2001, by Dr. Ahmad Al-Magdoub (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "Although some were sorry about the killing of innocent Americans in Washington and New York, most of [our] people derived satisfaction from the insult to the American pride, and from the shaking of faith that the American cowboy, Little Bush, places in the intelligence apparatuses and their agents throughout the world. There was nearly an Egyptian consensus on the matter, except for a few ministers who, in their hypocrisy, rushed to the American Embassy to ostentatiously offer their condolences."

      - Al-Ahrar, Egyptian opposition press, September 25, 2001, by retired general Sallah A-Sin Salim, advisor at the National Center for Middle East Studies (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "Millions across the world shouted in joy: American was hit! . . . This call expressed the sentiments in millions across the world, whom the American master has treated with tyranny, arrogance, bullying, conceit, deceit, and bad taste - like every bully whom no one has yet put in his place. True, thousands of innocents became victims . . .among them Egyptians who had immigrated to the U.S. in search of opportunity and [a better] life; but what can a person do when the neighborhood bully gets [a blow] from behind that shakes his very existence, insults his dignity and humiliates him? Obviously [the person] is glad, even if it is wrong to rejoice . . ."

      - Al-Maydan, Egyptian independent weekly, September 24, 2001, by Dr. Nabil Farouq (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "President Dubya Bush will continue to struggle between threatening to launch a crusader war and apologizing to the Muslims . . . Apparently, he doesn't want to understand that he is reaping the thorns sown by himself and all his predecessors in Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Japan. Behind every act of destruction is a little American demon . . . America cannot see the fate that awaits it, despite everything that happened on that bloody Tuesday; America is on its way to collapse, like all the empires of oppression throughout history. If only our generations would have the chance to witness that dramatic spectacle . . ."

      - Al-Maydan, Egyptian independent weekly, September 24, 2001, by editor 'Issam Al-Ghazi (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "He [Bush] declares that anyone who does not support him supports terror, and woe betide anyone who supports terror . . . This kind of declaration can only come from leaders of Hitler's ilk . . ." "If Osama bin Laden is proven to be involved in the attacks on the U.S., I will make a statue of him and set it in my home; I will also hang his picture in my office. Because he has proven to us that the U.S., which we thought was an undefeatable force, can be humiliated."

      - Al-Ahrar, Egyptian opposition press, September 24, 2001, by columnist Salim Azzouz (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "For many long years, American made many people in the world cry. It was always [America] that carried out these acts; now, acts are being carried out [against it]. A cook who concocts poison must one day always taste that poison! The world has discovered that the strength of the oppressed is great when the situation becomes unbearable . . . The city of globalization, with its economic, political, and military symbols, has collapsed, and the theory of globalization will be buried with the establishment of the false coalition."

      - Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, Egytian weekly, September 22, 2001, by columnist Ali Al-Sayyed (MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

  • "…'Allah Akhbar,' shouted the hero…The arrogance sunk in the filth… In the East, none shed a tear for you, Allah decreed the vengeance against you. If Allah had not wanted it, it would not have happened. Return to the path of righteousness, for the eye of Allah follows you…"[16]

      - Afaq Arabiya, Egyptian-based journal of the Muslim Brotherhood, September 19, 2001, by columnist Wahid Gahshan (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "In the eyes of Muslims, the US is a force of oppression, thus the Muslims see what happened as divine retribution, carried out under the supervision of Allah by unknown soldiers. America practically said to the world: Only I will teach you who is Allah. Allah wanted to teach it a lesson… If not for what happened, if the lion had not been wounded in his den, we would think that our prayers were in vain and we would despair… The Americans thought they could not be defeated… They preferred the apes (i.e. the Jews) to human beings, treating human beings from outside the US cheaply, supporting homosexuals and usury. They have forgotten that in this universe there is a God whose punishment no one escapes… Allah came because they did not expect him, bombing their hearts with horror…"

      - Afaq Arabiya, Egyptian-based journal of the Muslim Brotherhood, September 19, 2001, by columnist Ammar Shammakh (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "However, another truth is that most Arabs, and perhaps also most of the Third World, did rejoice, not because of the killing of thousands of innocent Americans, but because of the penetration of the bastion of American colonialism and the offensive within its home turf. No one thought for a moment about the people who were inside the tallest of the world's towers as they burned; everyone thought of the American administration and rejoiced at its misfortune, while its leaders scrambled to find a place to hide. There is a large degree of hypocrisy and idiocy. Does anyone think that the CIA does not know how much it is hated by the Arab people, and how happy the oppressed people in the Third World are at the tragedy that has struck it? [Therefore, there is no point] in our trying to prove to them that the Arab people are not gloating over the American misfortune. Can anyone really believe that a people of whom the US has killed hundreds and thousands times the number of people killed in New York and in Boston [sic], is sorry, and is not happy, when he witnesses this smack to the face of its most bitter enemy?"

      - excerpts from an article by University of Lebanon lecturer Mustafa Juzo, published in Al-Hayat (London), September 17, 2001 (MEMRI, September 20, 2001, No. 272)

  • "There is no reason to rejoice at the misfortune of the American people, who have not yet understood that five million Jews are not worth the sacrifice of all these victims... The US's position in the Arab-Zionist conflict causes Arabs to rejoice over every disaster visited upon the American government, though not on its people, because that government has gone too far in its oppression." - Al-Ahrar, the Egyptian Liberal Party Daily, September 17, 2001, by Nasserist writer 'Adel Al-Gouhari (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "We have been prohibited from showing the happiness and joy that we feel, so as not to hurt the Americans' feelings - although in this case, rejoicing is a national and religious obligation. The US is Israel's protector. When it collapses in the blink of an eye, and we see the heroes as they flee in horror - a prohibition on rejoicing is a decree that the public cannot observe…"

      - Al-Ahrar, the Egyptian Liberal Party Daily, September 17, 2001, by columnist Salim 'Azzouz (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "I considered hiring a professional mourner, so as to adjust myself to the international atmosphere [of] hypocrisy and weeping over the victims of the explosions in America. But I knew that even those [professional mourners] who charge by the hour would refuse, even if I promised $100 for every tear. God, what will I do now? How can I write an article without cursing those terrorists who launched a war not only against the US, but against Western culture? How can I refrain from calling them wild, barbaric, Tatars, people who want to turn back [the clock of] civilization and progress to the days when we struck two flints together to make a fire? How can a columnist who thinks America got its just desserts - a punishment that suits [its crime of] sucking the blood of peoples - [how can he] be saved from the guillotine of the hypocrites… The lies inundate you from television screens, as [the hypocrites] express sorrow, donate blood, and place their intelligence systems at the disposal of the cardboard master… America weeps. Let it seek professional mourners by itself. I beseech you, do not participate in this demonstration of sorrow. If you are murdered by a bully, it is a humiliation; if they force you to march in his funeral procession, it is the zenith of humiliation. Pardon us, America; we have no tears left to share in your sorrow."

      - Al-Usbu', Egyptian-based pan-Arab opposition weekly, September 17, 2001, by deputy editor Magdi Shandi (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "[Those moments of] exquisite, incandescent hell were the most beautiful and precious moments of my life. The towers, the walls, [symbols] of the [American] regime, were a modern, terrifying monster infiltrated by a brave and stinging hornet… This mythological monster was terrible in its pain, in its screams, and in its fall, that resembled Hell. All the media… broadcast these images for us over and over. The generations of the past, and, with Allah's help, the generations to come, will envy us for having witnessed them."

      - Al-Usbu', Egyptian-based pan-Arab opposition weekly, September 17, 2001, by columnist Muhammad Mustagab (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "No man with human feeling can derive pleasure from the sight of the victims' bodies being torn apart, burned, and crushed under the ruins. Allah has created all human beings to live on this land under an umbrella of peace, love, and beauty. But some fools and idiots distort these lofty values and try to impose their behavior, their sick ideology, and their malignant idiocy… One of these was little Bush, whom cursed fate placed on the throne of the government of the superpower that rules the entire world. He is a tyrant; playing golf at his ranch, he smiles and is filled with joy when news reaches him of the number of Arab victims in Palestine, among them women, children, and the elderly. But Bush was woken from… his dream of false power by this blow, from which, I think, he will never recover. What happened in America has never happened before in the history of the human race. Nevertheless, the devil hastened to weep over the ruins, and to call on the world to stand beside the superpower, the symbol of civilization and democracy… Oh Bush, drink from the bitter cup of the blood of your people, so that you will [come to] know that Allah is just!"

      - Al-Usbu', Egyptian-based pan-Arab opposition weekly, September 17, 2001, by columnist Farouq Abaza (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "In all honesty, and without beating around the bush: I am happy about [what happened to] America; I am happy about the great number of American dead. Let them accuse me of whatever they want. It doesn't matter and it does not lessen the happiness and excitement that overwhelm me. No one can make me take back what I say, no matter what their claims and explanations. All the innocent citizens who were killed are victims of America's barbarism and terror, ranging over half a century . . . Count up the number killed by American weapons in the world and compare it to the number of those killed in the US; you will find that the number of [American dead] is much less than one percent [of the latter]. I have a right to rejoice; I have a right to be filled with happiness; the Americans are finally tasting the bitterness of death." - Al-Arabi, Egyptian Nasserist weekly, September 16, 2001, by columnist Ahmad Murad (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "Yes, we have the right to rejoice. This was the first step in a thousand-mile journey towards defeating America by a knockout." - Al-Arabi, Egyptian Nasserist weekly, September 16, 2001, by acting editor Abd Al-Halim Qandil (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "I cannot hide my feelings; I cannot restrain my joy. For the first time in my life, I witness with my own eyes the defeat of American arrogance, tyranny, conceit, and evil. For the first time, I ask myself: has Allah finally answered the prayers of the mothers, the pleasing of victims in Palestine, Iraq, and Libya? . . . Should I lie and be hypocritical like the others, condemning the killings of civilians, expressing my sorrow over the American and other victims, or praying and donating blood?! . . . I do not want to pray for the Americans or donate my blood; I do not want to condemn what happened. America is the one who killed them, as it killed us in Iraq, and as it continues to slaughter us in Palestine."

      - Al-Arabi, Egyptian Nasserist weekly, September 16, 2001, by columnist Nur Al-Huda Zaki (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

  • "The American government had contaminated my humanity, and I began to say to myself, when I saw the masses fleeing in horror in the streets of New York and Washington, 'Let them drink of the cup that their government has given all the peoples [of the world] to drink from, first and foremost our people…" "When the twin towers collapsed and the New York skyline, which had been obstructed by them, was revealed to me - I felt deep within me like someone that was delivered from the grave; I [felt] that I was being carried in the air above the corpse of the mythological symbol of arrogant American imperialist power, administration had prevented the [American] people from knowing the crimes it was committing… My lungs filled with air and I breathed in relief, as I had never breathed before." "A few minutes later, I again thought about the people under the ruins, and I began to say to myself: 'What sin had these innocents committed?' I was sorry that my humanity had been contaminated by Zionist America and by world Zionism…a few minutes later, the media informed me of new facts: 'Arabs and Muslims were blamed, and were even threatened by retaliation." "This brought me back to the spiritual tomb, in which I am overwhelmed by the aggression, the arrogance, the racism, and the distortion of facts. Inner strength, that saves me from drowning, has helped me to again breathe above the surface of the grave: we will return, we will live, we will win, and we will realize justice for the world, because we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for rights, justice, and the humanity of the world…" "The American people must awake and see the image of [its] policy… a filthy policy that dishonors its owners… That hour on September 11 should be significant for the American decision makers; it must lead to a reexamination of [American] ideas, policy, and strategy. It may be that [this event] will also reach the American mind, whose real humanity has been blocked by military and economic might…" - excerpts from an editorial in Al-Usbu' Al-Adabi, the Syrian Arab Writers Association newspaper, September 15, 2001 by its chairman, 'Ali 'Uqleh 'Ursan (MEMRI, September 25, 2001, No. 275)

  • "Oh, yeah, guys, Her Royal Highness America has taken this defeat; she has turned out to be a paper tiger, and the Americans [have turned out to be] no more than a gang of delinquent children.It transpires that Bush…- who treated us like servants in his court - is no head of state, but a mouse leading a gang of mice. At the moment [this] occurred in New York and Washington, he left for parts unknown …Oh yeah, guys, they told us that he who stings America ends up in the grave. They told us that [America] protects the Arab royal families. They told us that [America] can find a black ant on a dark night in the parched desert; that it has the most powerful intelligence apparatus in the world that can detect what happens in our bedrooms - an apparatus that knows what kind of underwear the president of Iraq [wears]… It has been proven that it was all an illusion…"

      - Al-Ahrar, the Egyptian Liberal Party Daily, September 14, 2001, by columnist Salim 'Azzouz (MEMRI, September 21, 2001, No. 274)

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