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September 11 and Arab Media: The Anti-Jewish and Anti-American Blame Game RULE
Criticism of The U.S.

  • "The Jewish lobby fears the convening of such a conference [to combat terrorism]. It has been trying to equate Palestinian resistance with terrorism, which is unacceptable, illogical. The Palestinian people have a legitimate right to resist and regain their land. I call on the Jewish lobby to be logical. Support for Israel should not be blind. Blind support is damaging and foremost among those it damages is Israel for this way of acting can only heighten hostility toward Israel."
      - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's interview with Melhim Karam that appeared in Egypt's Al-Ahram WeeklyM, October 25-31, 2001 and in Lebanon's Al-Hawadith, La Revue du Liban and Monday Morning (Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 25-31 October 2001; Ha'aretz, October 25, 2001)

  • "The U.S. is the enemy of the democratic aspirations of the Arab peoples, it is the friend and protector of dictatorships and autocracies; it is the number one schemer against development in the Arab world. With regard to the media attack on Saudi Arabia, I maintain that Riyadh is doing the right thing. Refraining from joining the Americans . . . is counted in the tally of the Saudi government’s good deeds."
    • Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Palestinian Authority newspaper, October 17, 2001, by Palestinian Authority official and columnist ‘Adli Sadeq (MEMRI, October 25, 2001, No. 291)

  • "The U.S. and terrorism suffuse a foul atmosphere throughout the world. The smiles have disappeared from the faces of the peoples, who wait, across the world, for the disaster that either terrorists or the U.S. will visit upon them. The U.S. has become like the terrorists."
    • Al-Akhbar daily, Egypt’s government press, September 25, 2001, by columnist Ahmad Ragab. Some of the quotes are taken form the Egyptian media reports in the daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi.(MEMRI, October 4, 2001, No. 281)

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Arab TV Satirizes Sharon With Blood Libel
Sharon Drinking Blood of Arabs
In an example of the gross anti-Semitism pervading segments of Arab society, Abu Dhabi Television depicted Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drinking the blood of Arabs. More>>
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