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September 11 and Arab Media: The Anti-Jewish and Anti-American Blame Game RULE
On Giuliani's Rejection of The Saudi Prince's Offer

  • "New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani was obsessed by his hatred of Arabs even before the terrorist attacks on New York. He hides his first name, chosen for him by his Italian father, so as not to remind the Jewish voters of the infamous Rudolph Hitler [sic]. This is why he prefers to shorten it to Rudy."
      - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Palestinian Authority newspaper, October 17, 2001, by editor Hadez Al-Barghouthi (MEMRI, October 25, 2001, No. 291)

  • "The words of [Prince Al-Walid] did not, of course, please the Jewish lobby in the home of the largest Jewish community in the world. Because the governor [sic] of the Big Apple is a Jew, he refused [to accept the donation] and caused a storm. Giuliani said: 'The Prince's declarations are grievous and irresponsible; these Arabs have lost the right to dictate [to us what to do]. What we (America) must do is kill 6,000 innocent people.' By Allah, I am amazed at your act, you Jew; everything Prince Al-Walid said was true . . ."
      - Al-Riyadh, Saudi newspaper, October 15, 2001, by columnist Mahmoud bin Abd Al-Ghani Sabbagh (MEMRI, October 25, 2001, No. 291)

  • "The problem is with Giuliani, not with the declarations of Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, With his idiotic behavior, Giuliani denied the victims of the building that collapsed the aid they need. He sacrificed the public interest for a private interest, manifested in his desire to draw closer to the Jewish electorate . . ."
      - Al-Riyadh, Saudi newspaper, October 15, 2001, by columnist Dr. Abd Al-Wahed Al-Hamid (MEMRI, October 25, 2001, No. 291)

  • "The whole issue is that I spoke about their position [on the Middle East conflict] and they didn't like it because there are Jewish pressures and they were afraid of them."
      - statement by Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, published in the daily Okaz, Saudi mass-circulation daily (AP, October 13, 2001) on why Mayor Giuliani rejected the Saudi $10 million donation

  • "In this circle might also be the two insults the American government directed at Prince Al-Walid bin Talal . . . one by the Zionist New York mayor whose public feelings go far beyond what Israel demands of him, and another by the spokesman of the American State Department."
      - Al-Safir, the pro-Syrian Lebanese daily, October 13, 2001, by editor Talal Salman (MEMRI, October 25, 2001, No. 291)

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