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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
January 2004
RULE Saudi Arabia

Posted: February 23, 2004

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Holocaust Denial

"…We have already seen the Israeli conspiracy that Shimon Peres talked about in every path of the peace negotiations with Israel…

Excluding the Gaza Strip from the conspiracy of the Big Israel was not done haphazardly. It was done on purpose in order to remove it from the big Israel's territory, since Tel Aviv thinks that this is a den of terror against it…

David Frum, the wing right extremist, hurried to stand side by side with Richard Perle. His support came through the presentation of his book 'An End to Evil: How to win the War on Terror', on an American satellite channel… This is a message directed to the Western countries, reminding them of the collective murder of the Jews through the Holocaust by Germany's counselor in the 3rd Reich, Adolph Hitler, in order to convince them that the Islam and Muslims - Arabs and non-Arabs - are perpetrating collective murder of people, as the Nazis did in the past. This is false at present… and a false claim in the past, which the French thinker, Roger Garaudy described as exaggeration in his book 'The Jews Myths', and the British historian, Dr. David Irving, who came to (the conclusion) that it never happened by the Nazis against the Jews, relying on statistics that emphasize that the number of Jews grew by six million between 1933… and 1946, one year after the end of WWII. So, if the Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust, their numbers would not have grown, but would have been reduced as of 1933…"

Ridha Muhammad Lary, "I Felicitate You, Man", Ar-Riyadh, January 22, 2004

Jews/Israel Use Anti-Semitism to Promote Fundraising/Support for Israel

"…At the heart of the World Jewish Congress's alarm is the growing understanding in Europe that the state of Israel is far from a plucky little Westernized outpost set down in an dangerous Arab world, but rather an aggressive and unbending militarist state which does indeed pose a very real threat to world peace…

This attack has become the reflex of the Zionist lobby worldwide. Those who express criticism of Israel are deluged with letters of criticism, often vitriolic. The clear view demonstrated by these people is that anyone who opposes Israeli policies is anti-Semitic. No credence is given to the argument that a man might support the existence of an Israeli state but object to their aggressive policies. Outsiders are either with Israel or they are against it and if the latter, they are racist bigots. Maybe Zionists feel they have to maintain pressure on Jews around the world in order to continue the fund-raising and lobbying in support the Israeli state. Moderation is a threat to the fundamentalism that has driven Zionism since its early days. This is a people which has crafted the hatred of racists into a powerful political weapon.

Unfortunately, the price of this unbending arrogance will be the further rise of intolerant opinion in Europe. This may suit the Zionist purpose, but the fascist thugs it fosters will not confine their depravities to Jewish targets. Muslims, blacks and the whole emerging multicultural tapestry of Europe will come under threat. In truth, in its own way, Zionism itself is just another form of bigotry…"

"Editorial: Bigotry as Strategy", Arabnews, January 9, 2004


Arab News, Janury 9, 2004

Ar-Riyadh, January 7, 2004
The Jew is holding a ballot box on which is written: "The American elections". The USA is holding a pigeon representing "the peace process". Both of them are standing on "the Arab world".
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