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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
January 2004
RULE Introduction

Posted: February 23, 2004

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Arab Newspapers

Anti-Semitism is widespread throughout the Arab and Muslim world, manifested in every segment of society. The following report is a compilation of select anti-Semitic expressions in the Arab and Muslim world in January 2004.

As in recent months, in January, newspapers continued to feature anti-Semitic caricatures on themes such as Israel's security fence and Jewish control of U.S. forces in Iraq. The theme of Jewish/Israeli control of U.S. foreign policy and the upcoming American presidential elections was also widespread. Demonic images, such as Jews/Israel as snakes, continued to be pervasive. Finally, in response to increased international attention to European anti-Semitism, a number of articles and caricatures argued that anti-Semitic incidents were overstated or manufactured by Jews/Israel who hoped to increase immigration to Israel or to divert attention from Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

All material in this compilation was translated by ADL from the original Arabic or are from English language sources in the Middle East.

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