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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
February - March 2004
RULE Focus: The Killing of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin

Posted: May 11, 2004

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Focus: The Killing of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin Arab Newspapers

On March 22, 2004 the spiritual leader of the Hamas movement, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, was killed by an Israeli missile aimed at his car. This event induced wide coverage, including articles, columns and cartoons - almost all of them criticizing the state of Israel and its Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who is depicted as the perpetrator of the killing. The following are a few excerpts from articles and cartoons:

  • "…The blood that follows the killers will not only follow them in imagination, but is following also in the present. They will not know the taste of peace, only through the blood that they will re-spill. From here the Zionist Macbeth could only kill the Palestinian paralyzed Sheikh, Ahmad Yassin…

    But the Zionists' killing of the Sheikh Ahmad Yassin is natural behavior in spite all. I mean that this is logical, because the hands that were soiled with blood will never find peace, unless it soils itself with fresh blood from which it escapes fear, and presents its power…

    But the Zionists cannot feel safety if their hands are not soiled with blood".

    Ahmad 'Abd al-Mu'ti Hijazi, "All of the World's Seas Will Not Wash that Blood," Al-Ahram, March 31, 2004 (Egypt)

  • "This is the Israeli theory framework in which we have to see the crime of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin's killing. This is so that we know that this is not the first crime, nor will be the last…"

    Rajab al-Bana, "The Theory of State Terror," Al-Ahram, March 28, 2004 (Egypt)

  • "…This is Ariel Sharon, Israel's PM, who led from the air the conspiracy to kill the great Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of the Palestinian Hamas movement…

    This is the atrocity of terror… in a Satanic manner…

    What is this barbaric animality, which preceded the lowest wild animals?"

    Zakariya Nil, "The Public Opinion and the Expected Tunis Summit," Al-Ahram, March 27, 2004 (Egypt)

  • "The terrible killing of Ahmad Yassin came to add a new sphere to the spectrum of violence and tension in the Middle East, due to Sharon's silly and daredevil policy, which lacks the simplest rules of logic and sense. Innocents of both sides are paying its price…"

    "The Necessity of International Protection to the Palestinian People," Al-Ahram, March 24, 2004 (Al-Ahram's view) (Egypt)

  • "As usual with the Jews, which are represented by Israel, they only celebrate through bloodshed. They killed the prophets, one after the other… And here is the criminal Sharon, supervising with his low-tide and criminal soul the killing of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the founder of the Hamas movement…"

    "The Killings of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin - Meanings and Lessons," Akhbar al-Khalij, March 24, 2004 (Bahrain)

  • "…Before Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Israel did not have mercy for Jenin's kids, and did not respect the distinguished personalities of the international and humanitarian organizations. Its history is full of crime, massacres and the violation of rights from its members….

    Israel proved yesterday that (it is) a bloody democracy…"

    "America (and) Israel - Two Democratic Models," Al-Watan, March 24, 2004 (Saudi Arabia)

  • "…Israel started to carry out the new list of killings and eliminations, which was prepared and is being supervised by the big terrorist, Ariel Sharon himself… Sharon has perpetrated his horrible crime at the time when the American government is dealing with the upcoming elections, and the Bush administration put its relations with Israel at the first level of importance and attention in order to gain the Jews voices in these elections…"

    Farahat Hasem ad-Din, "The New List of Killings," Al-Ahram, March 23, 2004 (Egypt)

  • "Ariel Sharon has crossed all red lines in the Middle East region and has dared to kill the spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the founder of the Hamas movement, in a crime characterized by fear, barbarism and meanness…"

    Ibrahim Nafi', "Facts," Al-Ahram, March 23, 2004 (Egypt)

    Al-Watan, March 25, 2004 (Qatar)

    Akhbar al-Khalij, March 25, 2004 (Bahrain)
    The cartoon's headline: "The balance of power."

    Akhbar al-Khalij, March 23, 2004 (Bahrain)
    In Arabic: "The blood of the Shahid Yassin."

    Al-Wafd, March 23, 2004 (Egypt)
    The cartoon's headline: "The murder of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin." Sharon is standing on the "Palestinian resistance", saying: "At last I am satisfied."

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