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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
April 2004
RULE Egypt

Posted: June 8, 2004

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The expressions in the Egyptian papers during the month of April reflect a new wave of anti-Semitism, and a sharp rise in the level of incitement against Jews\Israel. Three major factors brought to the rise in the level of anti-Semitism in the Egyptian press: the killing of Rantisi (after Yassin's assassination in the month of March); the screening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" and the public debate around it; and the Bush and Sharon meeting at the White House.


Al-Ahali, April 21, 2004
The cartoon's headline: "Bush-Sharon Negotiations Are Blowing Up the International Legitimacy and Resolutions". The American is asking: "Who brought the story of international legitimacy?"

Al-Akhbar, April 18, 2004
Bush is saying: "Yes, I agree to all that Sharon said. Don't you have an opinion?" On the bag in Arabic: "America's Jews".

Rouz al-Yousuf, April 17, ?2004
The Jew is saying: "Yes, we opposed the film 'The Passion' because it was the Hamas organization who tried to crucify him, and not us"

Al-Akhbar, April 11, 2004

Al-Ahram, April 8, 2004
Sharon and Bush (with a hat decorated with the Star of David) are drinking Palestinian and Iraqi blood (respectively). In Arabic, at the bottom: "Sharon - to my life".

Al-Wafd, April 6, 2004
In Arabic: "The veto".
Al-Ahram weekly, April 1-7, 2004

Karikatir, April 2004

  • "The ideal solution that Israel dreams of reaching is the final solution that Hitler dreamed of in order to get rid of the Jews who, according to him, were refusing to assimilate in the European societies and were insisting on isolating themselves in spite of their living within those societies…"

    Ahmad 'Abed al-Mu'ti Hijazi, "First Israel, Then America", Al-Ahram, April 28, 2004

  • "'I'm sure some Arab members of the audience identify with the suffering of Christ in the film and that of the Palestinians now,' said Abdel-Wahab El-Misseiri, professor of comparative literature and author of many works on Zionism and Jewish thought. El-Misseiri finds that those who believe the film incites hatred against the Jews and thus serves the Palestinian issue 'are completely mistaken', unaware of the fact that 'Israel is a non-Jewish, secular and colonial state.' According to El-Misseiri, anti- Semitism actually helps the Zionist project, because the more the Jews are hated in the world the more they will be driven to establish an exclusively Jewish colonial state in Palestine and other Arab lands".

    Gihan Shahine, "Explaining the Passion", Al-Ahram weekly, April 15-21, 2004

  • The writer compares the scenes shown in Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion", and the views on TV screens showing the reactions to Yassin's killing in the territories, saying:

    "… Because when Israel blew up the Sheikh, it defended itself, as the Jewish Rabbis and learned men defended themselves when they killed Christ; as if two thousands years did not change anything about their cruelty, barbarity and blood thirst!!"

    Gamal Badawi, "The Passion of Christ", Al-Wafd, April 13, 2004

  • "…Israel is implementing the same logic, punishing all of the Palestinian people collectively as a revenge for single action of resistance…

    But the Jews always want to be above all of the people. And they are innocent of all sins. Aren't they God's chosen people?"

    Salama Ahmad Salama, "Exculpation of the Jews", Al-Ahram, April 12, 2004

  • "…And we see that the kids' stoning of Judus Iscariot as a symbol of the rock throwing kids, and may the virgin, may peace be upon her, with her oriental cloth and the head cloth can be a symbol of any Palestinian mother whose son is being killed in front of her. It is to say that Israel's Jews today are a continuation of Jesus' Jews, and hence, the conviction of the Jews in the film is the conviction of Israel today".

    Muhammad Salmawi, "The Debate Concerning the Passion of Christ", Al-Ahram, April 12, 204

  • "… After the message of the director and producer, Mel Gibson - a message saying that the Jews are the heads of the biggest torture school, and that in spite of the document that they received from the Vatican in the sixties of the last century, exculpating them from Christ's blood, the truth proves differently. In spite of all of the power that they own in the media, propaganda and internationally, there is still a man that can stand all of the pain and shout the truth!"

    Salah Muntasir, "Only a View - A Shout of the Truth", Al-Ahram, April 11, 2004

  • An interview with Sheikh Yousuf al-Qardhawi1

    A: "…They [the Jews] are carrying the crime regardless of whether Christ was killed or not. They made efforts to kill him…"

    Q: "Can the Jews killing of Christ, may peace be upon him, be considered as a premeditated killing?

    A: "The Muslims believe that Christ, may peace be upon him, was neither killed nor crucified, as we clarified, and as appeared in the noble Qur'an. But that does not negate the Jews' historical responsibility for the killing attempt, the preparations for it and the support [meaning 'the aid'] of it. [Even] if they did not kill Christ practically, they killed him in the sense of intention, belief and admission…

    [Even] if the Jews did not kill Christ practically, they killed before God's prophet, Zakariya and his son Yahya, and others from the prophets and the pious people".

    Dr. Hasan 'Ali Daba, "The Crime Occurred in the Sense of Intention, Thought and Belief - The Blood of Christ in the Jews' Neck", Al-Ahram al-'Arabi, April 10, 2004

  • "…The most important thing in Mel Gibson's film, 'The Passion of Christ', is that it stands forcibly and clearly against the Jews' blind fanaticism and their racism throughout history. How today resembles yesterday… You will not find a big difference between those learned people and the Jewish governors who stood with arrogance, intimidation and abominable haughtiness, asking the Roman governor to torture and kill Christ - and between the Jewish learned people and governors today, who are bringing the Palestinian people different kinds of tortures and destruction of the churches and mosques. Everything that is in there, (except that) the cross, was replaced by Apache helicopters…

    This film gives absolute proof that the Children of Israel where those who acted with hostility towards Semitism and the Semites, and (that) they are terrorists since the beginning of history and up until today. They cannot stop spilling blood, do not listen to good advice, and do not have success in (making) peace. When will they get rid of this disease and this epidemic and return to humanity as all of the people?"

    Muhammad Salah ad-Din, "The Passion of Christ and the Palestinians - Both Sides of the Coin! Terror is a Jewish Skill, and Their Shout is an Indication to the Power and Fascination of the Cinema Art", Al-Gumhouriyya, April 8, 2004

  • "…The principle of modifying the facts and fabricating history is not new in Israel's controversial method. Moreover, this is old and preceded their insistence to crucify Christ. This principle defines their relationship with others - the relationship that is always based on subjection, racism, extremism and terror…

    (Israel) simply wants to crucify the Arab regimes and people, and does whatever it can do, so that this time the American governor will join it.

    The crucifying of Christ represents the insistence of the Jewish people's Khakhamim to bury the sound of truth and freedom, and the right of worship and the right to live in peace. The crucifying of the Arab people represents the insistence on burying the life in the region…"

    Dr. Hasan 'Abed Rabbo al-Masri, "The Jews Insisted on Crucifying Christ and Are Insisting on Crucifying the Palestinian People", Al-Wafd, April 7, 2004

1 Sheikh Yousuf al-Qardhawi is one of the most (if not the most) important religious figures in the Arab world. Al-Qardhawi was born in Egypt, but currently works out of Qatar. He has a very successful TV program on the Al-Jazeerah satellite network, in which he comments about Islamic related issues and current issues. Al-Qardhawi enjoys strong popularity and credibility throughout the Arab world, allowing him to affect large audiences.

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