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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
April 2004
RULE Arab Newspapers

Posted: June 8, 2004

Introduction Bahrain Egypt Jordan
Oman United Arab Emirates Arab Newspapers

Akhbar al-Kahlij (Bahrain) - a pro-government daily and Bahrain's oldest newspaper; editor in-chief - Anwar Muhammad 'Abd ar-Rahman.

Al-Ahram (Egypt) - an Egyptian daily owned by the Egyptian government: the president appoints the editor. He (as the editor of the other government owned dailies, al-Gumhuriyya and al-Akhbar) is given substantial leeway in his editorial practices, assuming he avoids certain "taboos". Al-Ahram is the largest Arabic paper in the world and has established the Al-Ahram Regional Press Institute.

Al-Ahram al-'Arabi (Egypt) - a weekly published by the Dar al-Ahram publishing house. The editor-in-chief of the newspaper is Usama Saraya, but the chairman of the publishing house is Ibrahim Nafi', who is Al-Ahram's editor in-chief. Although both newspapers are published by the same publishing house, al-Ahram and al-Ahram al-'Arabi are different. The editorials in al-Ahram are always supportive of government positions, while the editorials in Al-Ahram al-'Arabi are critical of the government and also other countries. The paper publishes very strong anti-Israeli views. In addition, Sheikh Qardhawi has a platform to publish his views there, which in turn, gives the paper a religious dimension.

Al-Ahali (Egypt) - a weekly mouthpiece of the leftist Tagammuu Party (The National Progressive Unionist Party). Chairman of the Board - Dr. Rif'at Muhammad as-Sayyid (Secretary General of the Progressive National Unionist Party); editor in-chief - Mr. Nabil Zaki.

Al-Akhbar (Egypt) - a government sponsored daily published by Dar Akhbar El-Yom; editor in-chief - Galal Duweidar; Head of Board of Directors - Ibrahim Sa'do.

Al-Gumhouriyya (Egypt) - a government daily.

Al-Wafd (Egypt) - the main opposition paper in Egypt. The paper criticizes the regime on a wide range of issues - from economy to internal and foreign policy. However, it is important to note that the criticism is on subjects that are allowed by the regime. The paper is one of the most acceptable channels of opposition activism, since the Egyptians see themselves as supporters of freedom of the press, and the paper is supposed to be concrete proof of this idea. Al-Wafd expresses extreme anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views in articles and cartoons.

Karikatir (Egypt) - a independent monthly; previously, it was owned by a businessman and a playwright who both expressed positive views on Israel and even received a prize from the UN for their work on promoting understanding. Today the paper publishes anti-Israel views, but the monthly enjoys very low circulation.

Rouz al-Yousuf (Egypt) - a prominent state-owned, intellectual weekly; editor in-chief - Muhammad 'Abed Al-Mun'im. The magazine tries to promote a friendly government/anti-Islamist/secular face.

Ad-Dustur (Jordan) - a government-owned paper that expresses pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli views. It is considered a high quality paper.

Ar-Rai (Jordan) - a government daily; expresses the approaches of the Jordanian regime.

Al-Watan(Oman) - the only privately owned daily - owned by a business group; established in 1971; Editor in-chief - Muhammad Ibn Suleiman at-Tani; enjoys high popularity; has a circulation of 40,000.

Al-Ittihad (United Arab Emirates) - a semi-official daily.

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