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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
May 2004
RULE Egypt

Posted: June 30, 2004

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Al-Ahram weekly, May 27 - June 2, 2004

Al-Wafd, May 26, 2004 (The cartoon also appeared on May 31st)
Bush and Sharon are pointing to "The Arab Summit" and laughing.

Al-Ahram weekly, May 13-19, 2004

  • "Rafah and the Crucifixion of Christ - We did not witness the crucifixion of Christ but we witness now the crucifying of Rafah in the same manner and the same criminal view. Christ was crucified thousands of times in the miserable human history. The Palestinian people received the biggest portion compared to the others, as the arrogant people of the Zionist crime such as Sharon crucified it some times…"

    Dr. Muhammad as-Sayyid Sa'id, "Rafah's Call", Al-Ahram, May 24, 2004

  • "…What is the difference between the Zionist Jews and the German Nazis?

    1. The German Nazis in Germany wanted to expand in such a way that they were the first to take their lebensraum. As for the Israeli Jews, they came from tens of countries in order to occupy the land of Palestine and expand it…

    2. The Nazis used prisons, concentration camps, torturing and killing, and the Zionists were not behindhand…

    3. The Nazis burned entire Soviet villages and cities, killed their inhabitants and uprooted their trees. The Israelis did the same things in hundreds of Palestinian villages…

    4. The Nazis used weapons that are unacceptable internationally and the Israelis use those weapons.

    5. The Nazis invented the term 'the pure German race' and the Israelis took out the term 'God's chosen people' from the notebooks of past centuries.

    6. The Nazis despised the international agreements and the Israelis continue to regard them with disdain and reject them with clear arrogance and haughtiness.

    7. If the Nazis looked upon the Slavic people, Jews and the Gypsies with disdain, then the Jews are behaving with the same disregard and are being haughty towards all of the world's people.

    8. The Zionists used the terror groups of Hagana and Stern, and the Nazis used the SS groups, the Commandos and others.

    9. The Nazis transformed Germany into a closed, racist, isolated and hated country. Most of the governing Jews in Israel are doing it until today, as Israel is an closed and isolated country, of which most of its citizens are employed in security and spying activities…

    10. If Gobles, the German Minister of Propaganda, believed in 'lie, lie and lie', then Sharon and his ancestors from among Israel's leaders were, and are still, 'lying, lying and lying', and this is one of their characteristics.

    11. If the German Nazi Diplomacy transformed their Embassies and delegations to spying dens, the Israelis by far exceeded the Nazis, since Embassies and some members of the Jewish Diaspora (communities) became nests not only for spying but also for terror, kidnapping and the fabrication of facts.

    12. As Nazism was a dark and obscure horizon with no future, Zionism is entering the same way. The Israelis will not be able to be happy in life if they will continue to hold the unjust political Zionism. Most of the Jews will not be able to recall their humanity with their staying in the big Zionist prison - a prison of the establishment of their freedom on account of others' freedom, and their happiness on the account of the suffering of others.

    Those are some of the common points between Nazism and Zionism, i.e. the Zionazism that Israel's heads and spiritual leaders operate... "

    'Abed al-Malik Khalil (from Moscow), "Zionazism", Al-Ahram, May 22, 2004

  • "… And Muslims and Christians curse the reprehensible crime of the Jews equally…

    At the same time, the film raised in the spectators' minds the association between the old era's Jews that dominated Christ, and the present day Israelis that killed Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Dr. Ar-Rantisi and Abu 'Ali Mustafa and others from among the Headquarters of the Palestinian National Action, and that kill tens of members of the Palestinian people every day everywhere."

    Jaber 'Asfour, "The Passion and the People's Committee", Al-Ahram, May 17, 2004

    " "…The first thing that was brought up about the film The Passion is the old and the new question simultaneously - why don't we exculpate the Jews today from a crime that was stuck to their fathers' generations and of which they had no part from close-up or from afar, - as they reiterate - or conversely, isn't it from the most important legal principles that the crime is personal and therefore, so is its punishment…

    In response to these questions and others we say that the legal principle is true, but it is totally unacceptable since there are crimes that go beyond those who committed them and the punishments pertain to those. Even if those are not physical punishments, they are much deeper and painful than the body can endure...

    …And that is how the Jews continue until today through their fathers' way. They did not turn from (the sin) and did not abandon their old methods. Thus they did not benefit from the pardon that Christ gave them when he said: I pardon them…

    …Re the question - when will the Jews be exculpated from Christ's blood? We say that yes, there is a chance for penitence - they know well before others. This (will happen when) they admit their fathers' sin that was stuck to them as legal representatives of them…"

    * The writer is the Head of the Evangelical Faction in Egypt

    Dr. Al-Qiss Safwat al-Bayadhi, "The Passion of Christ - and Why Do we not Exculpate the Jews from it?", Al-Ahram, May 11, 2004

  • "…Since the Jews were not slaves of the colonized Rome, the regular spectator's memory goes back only to the Zionist lie that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. The Zionist propaganda succeeded in making this lie concerning the old era's Jews accepted. No one even thinks of doubting its truth, and even Maria confirmed that to the Christian west. The Israelites' slavery in Egypt, should it be added to the German crematories in the 20th century, makes the Jews victims of the whole human history, and they get all of the rights.

    The film The Passion was an excuse to the world's Jews to raise a storm that will remind the west, time and again, that they are the victims of lies that convict them unjustly, and that the Christian west should change even what was said through the modern era, the origin of Christianity, that the Jews that were of the Jesus Christ period implored and implored until the Roman governor had to obey their request and consequently, ordered the crucifixion of Jesus, may peace be upon him, as every Christian in the world believe, in all of their communities…"

    * The writer is from the College of Arts, Cairo University

    Dr. Lili 'Anan, "…And Another Reading of the Film", Al-Ahram, May 11, 2004

  • "…In spite of the fact that the Jews went through the horrible suffering of the Holocaust to the extent of the negation of their ability to take the part with other people in life. But unfortunately, they are accused of repeating the same thing with the Palestinians by adopting the logic of collective punishment through which Hitler controlled the Jews in Europe unjustly and with hostility".

    Dr. Muhammad Qudri Sa'id, "Israel - The Morals and the War", Al-Ahram, May 9, 2004

  • "…Only a few hours passed on the same day until the answer came by Crown Prince 'Abdullah Bin 'Abed al-'Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister when he said definitely: 95% of the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia are being initiated by the Zionist finger…

    But those who are familiar with the course of events were convinced that there is no doubt that Zionist instigators are behind these daily attempts…

    The following scenario can be preferred concerning the September 11th attack, which Saudis participated in committing, as perhaps it was supported by the Mossad which warned America about it through superficial information for the sole purpose of being cleared from any guilt, if there was any. Amongst the proofs to that are the entry of Muhammad 'Ata to America with an expired validity visa and the discovery of an Israeli spy network close to the place. The Israeli aim was that the entire world, with America and Europe in the foreground, be one against the Muslims and to give America the opportunity to invade the Arab and Muslim countries under this justification…

    This is what outweighs the scenario of suspected groups behind this attack, and the Mossad is not the least".

    Amin Rizq (Jeddah), "The Mossad Fingers Are Playing in Saudi Arabia", Al-Ahram al-'Arabi, May 8, 2004

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