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Anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim World October 2003 RULE Egypt

Posted: November 3, 2003

Introduction Bahrain Egypt Iran
Jordan Oman Palestinian Authority Qatar
Saudi Arabia Syria Appendix: Arab Newspapers


The Egyptians are Considering Suing the Jews for Gold the Israelites Took from Egypt According to the Egyptian weekly, Al-Ahram al-'Arabi, Nabil Hilmi, faculty of law dean at the University of Al-Zaqziq, "is planning a law suit in a Swiss court in order to take back the stolen Egyptian gold from the Pharaohnic era which was stolen by the Jews when they went out of Egypt thousands years ago". Hilmi said that in light of the fact the Jews have been saying recently that they created the Egyptian culture and that they are asking from Switzerland for the property of Jews who died during World War II, a lawsuit will be submitted to the Swiss court. Hilmi said that "the stealing of gold is understandable. It is a clear theft of resources and treasures of a hosting country, which goes together with the Jews' morals and nature".

Sharl Fu'ad al-Masri
"The Gold War between the Egyptians and the Jews"
Al-Ahram al-'Arabi, August 9, 2003

Jewish Conspiracy Theories

In the last part of an article dealing with Israel's role in the Iraqi war, the writer talks about the alleged "phenomenon" of Israeli Jews buying real estate in Iraq:

"The Israeli presence in Baghdad became the Iraqi talk of the day. Prayer leaders and preachers of mosques warned the Iraqi citizens and forbade them from selling or renting their properties to Jews who are filtering in under false names and identities. Rumors spread in Baghdad about the efforts of a persistent Israeli to buy important institutions and real estate properties in sensitive areas in the capital Baghdad for a higher price than its real value, which in turn raised the real estate prices in general. The Iraqis are interpreting the intention of some Jews to buy real estate in Baghdad as an organized intention to penetrate into the Iraqi economic life in order to control it in the future. They said that this phenomenon reminds us of what happened to the Palestinians in 1948 and the similar ways that were used in order to steal their land".
Yusri Ahmad 'Azbawi
"Did Israel Get What It Wanted from the Iraqi War?"
Al-Ahram, August 22, 2003

Comparison between Zionism and Nazism

"The experience of Europe after World War II exists always and ever in spite of the fact that there were circumstances that pushed the Germans to wave the flags of Nazism, which intersect the Sharonic terror we witness in the occupied territories. . .

. . . Actually it (ed. note: Hamas) is a victim of the reality of the occupation which carries out daily terror, which we saw only in Fascist regimes . . ."

Dr. 'Amr ash-Shobaki
"Banning the Hamas: The European Support of the Israeli Terror"
, Al-Ahram, September 16, 2003

Relations between Israel\the Zionist lobby and America

"The USA is not serious in its effort to put an end to the Palestinian suffering and to build their independent and sovereign state. In addition, Mr. George Bush is pointing out to the Jewish lobby's power and is aspiring to winning in the American presidency elections in another term. He is not ready to lose the Jews' voices and is making efforts to gain their support, even if it is on the account of the different Arab problems. . ."
Ahmad al-Barri
"Events in the News - Juha's Home"
Al-Ahram, September 14, 2003

". . .The political decision in Washington is not a pure property of the Americans, but a property that belongs to the Jewish lobby's organizations. . .

Here is the question: "from where does the Jewish lobby take all this power inside of America? And what are the roots that created this hidden power in spite of the fact that the Jewish colony of immigrants is no more than 3% of the USA population?"

"The Jews' properties and activities definitely provide them with influential power in the American society, and this provides Israel the automatic American support!"

Mursi 'Atallha
"The Jewish Lobby… and the Modern American Era",
Al-Ahram, September 4, 2003


Anti- Semitic Theme: Jews control U.S. gov't - U.S. Congress shown doing Israel's bidding

Al-Ahram, October 19, 2003
The cartoon's headline: "The American Parliament Imposes Sanctions Over Syria".

Anti-Semitic Theme: Israel as Nazi State --PM Sharm wearing a tie with a swastika

Al-Wafd, October 7, 2003
The Arab on the right is saying to PM Sharon: "Sharon, what did you lose?" Sharon answers: "I cannot find someone who will take me".

Anti-Semitic Theme: Israel as Nazi State --PM Sharon wearing a tie with large swastika

Al-Wafd, October 6, 2003
The cartoon's headline: "Today is the Memorial Day for October's Victory". Sharon is saying to the doctor (while pointing at the date of October 6th): "I don't know why, doctor, every year at the same time I feel that my nape hurts me".

Anti-Semitic Theme: Israel as Nazi State --PM Sharon wearing tie on with a large swastika

Al-Wafd, September 23, 2003
Arafat is saying: "Great! The home belongs to our father... and the foreigners are expelling us!"

Anti-Semitic Theme: Israel as Nazi State --PM Sharon wearing tie on with a large swastika

Al-Wafd, September 19, 2003 (Egypt)
Sharon is saying: "Eventually I will exile Arafat and rest". The Israeli soldier on the left is answering: "How will you rest, look behind you".

Anti-Semitic Theme: Israel as Nazi State --PM Sharon wearing tie on with a large swastika

Al-Wafd, September 15, 2003
The cartoon's headline: "Arafat's Expulsion". The stone is representing "the Palestinian Resistance".

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