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Anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim World October 2003 RULE Palestinian Authority

Posted: November 3, 2003

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Holocaust Denial (including citations of Western Holocaust deniers) and Comparison Between Israel\Zionism and Nazism

The Zionists have excelled in false propaganda and deceptive information and have been successful in transforming the facts. In order to do that they rely on the principle saying: lie and lie and lie until people believe you. They succeeded in bringing themselves into the world as the only victims of Nazism. They were the masters of deception until they made this big lie an historical fact. By their success, I do not mean that they deceived the west and made it believe the claimed disaster, but they succeeded in convincing the western world about the necessity to market those lies. The west was convinced of this because of the intersection of its interests with the Zionist project.

Many thinkers and historians revealed the lies of the Zionists, and became targets to the Zionist persecution. Amongst those, were people who were assassinated, people who were arrested, and people who were besieged. For example, the Jewish institutions and organizations have had a few law suits against the famous French thinker "Garaudy" after the publishing of his book: "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics" in 1995, which he refuted the legend of the "Gas Chambers" saying that "this idea cannot be implemented technically. So far, no one could clarify how those claimed chambers worked, and what is the evidence that it existed. He who has evidence concerning its existence should present it". As also, the British Historian David Irving had been sued, just as the Austrian writer, Gerd Honsik, who was sentenced to 18 months in jail for writing a few articles in which he denied the existence of the gas chambers in the Nazi arrest camps.

It is not a secret that the Zionists were behind the killing of many Jews on behalf of the Nazis as was agreed between them. This was aimed at threatening them on order to force them to immigrate to Palestine. Every time the Zionists failed to convince a group of Jews to immigrate to Palestine, they sentenced these people to death without hesitating. Then, they made huge propaganda campaigns to trade with their blood.

The Nazis received great financial help from the Zionist banks and monopolies, which helped them to come into power. In 1929 the Nazis received 10 million dollars from the Zionist bank in Amsterdam, "Mendelssohn and Company". In addition, they received in 1931 15 million dollars. After Hitler came into power, in 1933, they received 126 million dollars. There is no doubt that this huge financial aid helped the Nazis to build a military and economic power that was essential in order to invade Europe and annihilate millions of people. This is what Nahum Goldman wrote in his book "The Autobiography".

Prof. Frederick Toben, the German investigator and member of the "Revival of European Modernization", does not believe that there was hostility between Nazism and the Jews - political, ideological or philosophical, saying that: "there is no historical scientific evidence that proves it, but just the opposite - there are evidences that prove the existence of cooperation between the Jews and the Nazis" (from the magazine Al-'Arabi/ no. 498/ May 2000, an article entitled: "The Legend of the Holocaust… a Suspicious Cooperation between Zionism and Nazism!")

Today the Zionists are repeating again the deception in the same way. They succeeded in convincing the western world to accept their lies and their misleading claims and to deal with it as if they were facts that are indisputable. We cannot imagine that the western countries became stupid that they were caught out in those lies and misleading claims, although they are singing with them together knowing surely that they are fabricated (ed. note: literally in Arabic - knowing surely that these songs are badly performed). At the time when the world knows that the Zionists made, with the support of the west, the worst crimes against the deprived Palestinian people, aiming at exiling them from their homeland; and at the time when the Palestinian people still live in a tragedy and disaster because of the Jews' occupation of Palestine in 1948, the expulsion of this deprived people and its deprivation from the right of return to its cities and villages; and at the time when the Zionists still commit a kind of unprecedented terror against our Palestinian people, in its worst period of oppression and darkness - the Zionists are presenting themselves as the victims of the Palestinian "terror"!

When we compare the Zionists with the Nazis, we are treating the Nazis unjustly concerning the ugliness of the terror that they committed, and therefore we have to condemn them. But the crimes that the Nazis committed against humanity, with all their atrocities, are only a drop in the ocean compared to the terror that the Zionists committed against the Palestinian people. At the time when there is a growth of disagreements and controversies concerning the truth of Zionist accusations of the Nazis deeds, we do not see anyone who says that the horrible Zionist crimes are a lie and that the camera lens succeeded in collecting some of them. The entire world witnessed the assassination of the Palestinian child, Muhammad ad-Durra, an innocent child who wanted to live and was seeking protection from his father who started to wave his hands calling for help. But this dramatic view did not give the Zionists but appetite for bloodshed. They did not leave him until they killed him, while his father who was weakened by the wounds started to feel grief and pain. The camera, which succeeded in documenting this sight, failed to document sights of about another thousand Palestinian child that were killed by the Jews with cold blood in similar sights...

Counting the Zionist crimes in an article is impossible, but we mentioned a few of their crimes which if they were stick to Nazism, it would have harmed them greatly.

Abed al-'Aziz ar-Rantisi, "Which is Worse - Zionism or Nazism?"
Al-Risala, August 21, 2003
Dr. Rantisi is a leading figure in Hamas. Al-Risala is the Hamas weekly.

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