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Anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim World
October 2003
RULE Saudi Arabia

Posted: November 3, 2003

Introduction Bahrain Egypt Iran
Jordan Oman Palestinian Authority Qatar
Saudi Arabia Syria Appendix: Arab Newspapers


"Sharon could not send his hostile missiles to the Syrian capital if he could not get the green light from the American government…Damascus knows the dimensions of the conspiracy…" The writer says that the Syrians cooperated with the CIA on several issues but "the hawks in the American government, who are flourishing in the Pentagon, and those who believe in Christianity-Zionism, do not see it like that at all, and they legislated the Syria Accountability Act, in compliance with a Likudnic agenda which cares for the Israeli interest above the American interest. The agenda calls for attacking Syria and Iran and removing any cord of Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, on behalf of the consecration of the Torah state of the mighty Israel…"

Muhammad Ridha Nasrallah, "America's Entanglement",
Ar-Riyadh, October 8, 2003

"Perhaps the source of the Arab and Islamic problem with America is that the other side is Israel, which is one of the American flag's colors, and is expressed in the conscience and existence of all of those in the American government who are making a decision concerning a problem related to Israel".

"Needed: 'Americanization' of the Arabs… and 'Israelization'
of the Muslims"(op-ed), Ar-Riyadh, September 18, 2003


Conpiracy Theory: Israel Reponsible for Attacks Blamed on Palestinians
Arab News, October 16, 2003
Cartoon suggesting Jews/Israel were responsible for killing Americans in the October 15 terrorist attack on a diplomatic convoy in Gaza.

Demonization - Jews as Vipers
Al-Watan, October 3, 2003

Demonization - Jews as Vipers
Al-Watan, September 23, 2003
On the carpet: "Welcome"

Anti-Semitic Theme - Jewish Control as Jewish Devil in Iraq Protected by American Soldiers
Al-Watan, September 3, 2003

Anti-Semitic Theme: Jews Control American Policy
Ar-Riyadh, August 22, 2003

Anti-Semitic Theme: Jews Control American Policy
Ar-Riyadh, August 13, 2003

Anti-Semitic Theme: Jews Control American Policy
Ar-Riyadh, August 9, 2003
The devil represents "the Zionist lobby".

Anti-Semitic Theme: Jews Control American Policy
Ar-Riyadh, August 2, 2003
The Jew is holding "the Congress' report".

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