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Anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim World October 2003 RULE Introduction

Posted: November 3, 2003

Introduction Bahrain Egypt Iran
Jordan Oman Palestinian Authority Qatar
Saudi Arabia Syria Appendix: Arab Newspapers

Anti-Semitism is widespread throughout the Arab and Muslim world, manifested in nearly every segment of society. The following report is a compilation of select anti-Semitic expressions in the Arab and Muslim media in August through October 2003.

In general, there are "ups and downs" in the wave of anti-Semitism, fueled mainly by political events. However, there are common elements in these expressions, mixing classical and modern anti-Semitic hate. Such themes include:

  • Demonizing the Jews - presenting the Jews as animals (usually representing negative characteristics as snakes, eagles, etc.)
  • Comparing Jews and Israelis to Nazis using symbols as Swastika and Seig Heil
  • Conspiracy theories of Jews wanting to control the world, Jews controlling the Western governments, Jews controlling the world media, Jews owning the world's capital etc. Some of the conspiracy theories lift themes from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
  • Blood libels from the Middle Ages in different variations
  • Illustrating the stereotypical Jew (big nose, black coat and hat, skull cap, etc.), along with Jewish symbols such as the Star of David and the menorah
  • Holocaust denial is very common in the Arab and Muslim world, using the claims of western Holocaust deniers such as David Irving and Roger Garaudy. These expressions include claims concerning the numbers of Jewish victims during the Holocaust or denial of the Holocaust itself.

All material in this compilation was translated by ADL from the original Arabic or are from English language sources in the Middle East.
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