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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
November 2003
RULE Egypt

Posted: December 11, 2003

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

  • The writer reported that the book of the Protocols is presented at the front of the Museum of Manuscripts: "... As opposed to the expectations, the book 'The Jewish Danger - the Protocols of the Elders of Zion', which was added to the show-window of the Semite books near the Torah, so that the visitors from all of the world's nationalities who arrive to the museum…

    Al-Usbu' met with Dr. Yusuf Zeidan, the Director of the Museum of Manuscripts, and the one who decided to present the book. He said: 'When my eyes fell upon this rare copy of this dangerous book, I immediately decided to put it near the Torah of all things, although it is not a divine book. However, it became one of the Jews' sacred things, their first constitution, their Halacha (literally: their religious law) and their way of life. In other words, it is not only an ideological or theoretical book. The book of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion may be more important than the Torah amongst the Zionist Jews in the world, who manage through it their Zionist life'."
    Jihan Hussein, "The Protocols of the Elders of
    Zion in the front of the Museum of Manuscripts",
    Al-Usbu', November 17, 2003

    * Editor's Note: On December 4, 2003, The Library announced that it had removed the Protocols from a display case, saying in a statement: ``The book was promptly withdrawn from public display. But its very inclusion showed bad judgment and insensitivity, and an internal hearing is underway to determine whether further action is to be taken." (source: Associated Press)

The Istanbul Attacks
  • "Why don't we interpret this event as an attempt to improve the ugly image of Israel within the European world's mind?… Do we see it unlikely that the Jewish terror organizations committed this criminal crime?…

    If we want to look for those who committed this crime, we will only find those secret associations and anonymous organizations where the fingers of the international Zionism mingle in order to distort the image of the Arabs and Muslims, having this take the place of the terror image of America and Israel in the minds of the European world".
    Jamal Badawi, "Turkey's Jews",
    Al-Wafd, November 18, 2003

Comparison between Zionism and Nazism
  • "...If we want to understand the truth of Zionism, we would find that Zionism is the lower kind of racism. Moreover, through its ugliness it excelled the other racist groups of its kind… though they did not commit the crimes that the Zionist entity committed to humanity..."
    Dr. Jamal Salama 'Ali, "The Shame
    in the Zionist Nature",
    Al-Ahram, November 15, 2003

  • The writer claims that the Zionist movement, which he calls "racist imperialist nationalism", is based "on the alliance between the conservative forces and even more racist ones, as long as it serves its interests, as it was expressed through the applause of Zionist leaders and thinkers of Hitler when he rose to the government, since they shared with him the belief in race superiority and the objection to the assimilation of the Jews with the Arian race..."
    Salah Salem, "Our Claimed Hostility towards
    Semitism or their Hostility towards Humanity?",
    Al-Ahram, November 4, 2003

Conspiracy Theory
  • "…We condemn this suspected attack (on the attacks on two synagogues in Istanbul). However, we do not see it unlikely that someone did it or that it was a Zionist plan, from greediness to attract the worldly sympathy towards the Jews…

    Moreover, we do not see it unlikely that that these two attacks in Istanbul were planned and done in the manner of what Israel aimed in the Lavon affair…

    Again - we do not see it unlikely that the aim of these two attacks was to improve the image of the Jew and the image of Israel…"
    'Abas at-Tarabili, "Egyptian Concerns",
    Al-Wafd, November 20, 2003

The Jews Use the Holocaust
  • "…Not only the USA surrendered to the Jewish robbery - it was preceded by Germany since Israel, strongly supported by the USA, imposed in the 60's payment of 70 million dollars per year for a period of twelve years as compensation to Israel for what the Nazi regime did to Jews during the famous crematoria and the Holocaust, which became deemed the holiest events to the Jews, who manage to collect a huge (amount of) money, and is used as a basis to international prevention and robbery…"
    As-Sayyid Yasin, "Anti-Semitism or Victory to the Truth?", Al-Ahram, November 6, 2003


Al-Ahram, November 1, 2003
The "Israeli negotiator" on the right is saying: "Sit and let's negotiate. Why do you stand?"

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