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Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends
November 2003
RULE Arab Media Survey Focus: Reactions to the Eurobarometer Survey

Posted: December 11, 2003

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Eurobarometer Survey
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The European Union released one of its periodic Eurobarometer surveys on November 2, 2003. The public opinion poll, titled Iraq and Peace in the World, questioned more than 7,000 Europeans on a variety of issues related to Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and other issues. Pollsters listed 15 countries and asked the respondents if each country was a "threat to world peace." Fifty-nine percent answered affirmatively about Israel. Fifty-three percent named North Korean, Iran and the United States as threats to world peace. The Netherlands had the greatest number of respondents listing Israel as a threat - 74 percent, followed by Austria at 69 percent. Below is the reaction in the Arab media to the poll results.

  • "...And here I say again: where do we stand according to all of these developments? This (the EU) is a prodigy for us to help us to reveal the true face of the Zionist project..."
    Ibrahim Nafi', "After the European Survey: The
    Israeli Campaign Against Shirac, France and
    the European Civilization Continues",
    Al-Ahram, November 17, 2003

  • "...Tel Aviv and the Zionist organizations made a stir of the European legation, which asked for this survey, and committed arrogantly its ideological and political terror, and rubbed their noses into the ready and preserved accusation of anti-Semitism…

    European public opinion emphasized its refusal of the Zionist involvement in the world's affairs, amongst it Europe. Then it announced its opposition to submit to the Israeli expansionist strategy, which is strongly tied to the ruling American right…"
    Muhammad Basha, "Israel and the European Survey -
    the Meaning and the Results, and the Necessary Move",
    Al-Ahram, November 17, 2003

  • "...Confident in having monopolized the field as Semites, so as to hurl 'anti-Semite' at all and sundry who criticize Israel, Zionist leaders have helped shape a media that spews the most atrocious racist abuse against others…

    There remains, however, the question as to how the Arabs can best safeguard and promote their rights in the face of this racist onslaught and the spurious claims spread by Zionist organizations and the Israeli ultra right. European public opinion has had its say: Israel presents the foremost threat to world peace. The Arabs should take this as a signal to act. We must work, along with other peace loving, egalitarian peoples, to drive home to world opinion that Israel is a conventional occupying power and a racist state that practices in word and deed some of the cruelest forms of anti-Semitism against the Arabs".
    Ibrahim Nafi', "Israel's Anti-Semitism",
    Al-Ahram weekly, November 20-26, 2003 (Egypt)

  • "...It can be understood as a product of the Israeli repression policy of the racist Zionist nature..."
    Dr. As-Sayyid 'Aliwa, "How Can We Use the
    Occasion among the European Public Opinion?",
    Al-Ahram, November 17, 2003

  • "More than we brought through calls, conferences, TV dialogues or political analysis of the conflicts between the Arabs and America and Israel, the international public opinion came to reveal the facts concerning the two states and their policy in the Arab region. Perhaps the saying that indicates the danger of Israel and Bush on international safety does not come from vacuum, especially in a continent such as Europe… Although the cultural gap between the European and American people brought evidence to the rise of the European awareness… in America and Israel there is behavior that led Nazism and Fascism to make the world a victim of their ideologies..."
    "The Wake of the World's Conscience",
    Ar-Riyadh, November 18, 2003

  • "...The Israeli terror itself convinced 60% of Europeans that Israel is the biggest danger for world's safety, and not the rise in anti-Semitism as Israel and the Zionist movements try to make out..."
    Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "Fighting Terror:
    Different and Contradicting Channels",
    Ar-Riyadh, November 20, 2003

  • The writer is talking about events that molded European public opinion which came out in the survey concluding that: "All of this is a natural prologue to the European unanimity that Israel is a state that stands above the law and that it is a source of repression, racism and human annihilation of people that their land had been illegally taken from them…"
    Mahmud Mu'awwed, "The Jewish
    People is Paying the Price",
    Al-Ahram, November 20, 2003

  • "...This Israel - it was made clear recently that it embodies a widespread dangerous threat… not only to the Middle East people, but to the whole world...

    These are countries that were classified for more than half a century as one of Zionism's strongholds. It granted great importance to the results of the European Legation's survey of their people's public opinion, as a passing of the stage of complexity of sin embodied through the Holocaust, and objective distinction between anti-Semitism and crimes of slaughtering and arresting an entire people…"
    Dr. 'Ali Fadel Hasan, "The Peace Enemies",
    Al-Ahram, November 24, 2003

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