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Anti-Semitism in Egypt: Media and Society
July 2003 - February 2004
RULE Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian Media


In the Media

   • Conspiracy Theories
   • Comparisons: Nazism/Racism
   • Demonizing Jews/Israelis

The Cairo Book Fair

Newspapers Cited in Report
Comparisons with Nazism/Racism

  • "…Israel entered the era of racism against Semitism - worse than what happened in Nazi Germany. (Israel) needs centuries to repair what Sharon ruined".
    Al-Ahram, "Attitudes" by Anis Mansur. December 15, 2003

    October, the cartoon is portraying PM Sharon and Hitler as lovers, December 6, 2003

  • "...If we want to understand the truth of Zionism, we would find that Zionism is the lower kind of racism. Moreover, through its ugliness it excelled the other racist groups of its kind… though they did not commit the crimes that the Zionist entity committed to humanity..."
    Al-Ahram, "The Shame in the Zionist Nature" by Dr. Jamal Salama 'Ali, November 15, 2003.

  • The writer claims that the Zionist movement, which he calls "racist imperialist nationalism", is based "on the alliance between the conservative forces and even more racist ones, as long as it serves its interests, as it was expressed through the applause of Zionist leaders and thinkers of Hitler when he rose to the government, since they shared with him the belief in race superiority and the objection to the assimilation of the Jews with the Arian race..."
    Al-Ahram, "Our Claimed Hostility towards Semitism or their Hostility towards Humanity?" by Salah Salem, November 4, 2003

  • "The experience of Europe after World War II exists always and ever in spite of the fact that there were circumstances that pushed the Germans to wave the flags of Nazism, which intersect the Sharonic terror we witness in the occupied territories. .Actually it (Hamas) is a victim of the reality of the occupation which carries out daily terror, which we saw only in Fascist regimes . . ."
    Al-Ahram, "Banning the Hamas: The European Support of the Israeli Terror" by Dr. 'Amr ash-Shobaki, September 16, 2003

  • "In spite of the crimes made by Israel, this era's Hitlerism and the Zionist Nazism - it cannot be said that the Judaism commands support it…"
    Al-Ahram, "This is not Theory" by Dr. Layla Takla, July 8, 2003

  • "The Palestinian people were subject to the ugliest kinds of torture, suffering, pain, death and all the other crimes that Israel commits against the Palestinians. (Israel) brought back to (peoples') minds the Nazi actions, and proved that there is a connection between Nazism and Zionism!!!"
    Al-Ahram, "The Last Chance" by Sa'id 'Abed al-Khaleq, July 5, 2003.

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