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Anti-Semitic Incitement:
Political Cartoons in the Arab Media.
5/29/02 - 7/24/02

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is shown drinking from a goblet labeled "The Palestinian Children's Blood."

The gun on the left is shooting at the plane, writing our "A Message to the White House" in bullet holes. The sign at the upper left says "Los Angeles."

A sneering Ariel Sharon is shown watching an Israeli plane crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The Arabic words are "The Peace." This cartoon restates the myth, widely accepted in the Arab world, that Israel and Jews were responsible for the attack.

Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Anti-Semitic Cartoon
The Jew on the right says: "Say: 'I hate the Arabs'!", and the American on the left repeats: "I hate the Arabs, I hate the Arabs".

Anti-Semitic Cartoon
The man on the right represents "the Zionist lobby in America"; the man on the left represents "the American lobby in America". The Jew and the American are saying to one another: "I would like to know - you are here because...?" (literally: "You are here as...?", meaning to say: "what is your function here?")

Anti-Semitic Cartoon
The American represents the referee.

A Jewish caricature is shown fueling the "world media" with "Zionist Media" propaganda while, in the background, bombs are falling on Arab cities. The stereotypical Jew, with his long beard and hooked nose, is a common image used by the Muslim and Arab media. For this cartoon, the Syrian artist also evokes the anti-Semitic canard of supposed "Jewish control" of the international news media.

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