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Anti-Israel Commentary on Egyptian Television Denigrates the Holocaust RULE
In a commentary on the Mideast conflict broadcast on March 31, 2002, Egyptian State Television claimed that Israel was using "Nazi tactics" against the Palestinians, including extermination. "To get rid of the Palestinians, Israel has opted for the final solution used by Hitlerite Germany to exterminate the Jews," the commentator stated. During the broadcast, an image of a Star of David was superimposed on a swastika.

The Channel One broadcast went on to outline what was described as "common points between Zionist and Nazi thought." The broadcast repeated the anti-Semitic canard that Zionism equals racism, declaring that Zionism "advocates the supremacy of the Aryan race." Extremists and anti-Semites throughout the Arab world frequently use the discredited "Zionism equals racism" charge in an attempt to de-legitimize the Jewish State. The anti-Semitic accusation, along with Nazi symbols and caricatures comparing Israeli leaders to Hitler and Nazis, frequently appear in the Egyptian press.

The broadcast also featured images of the Palestinian exodus following the 1947 partition and of the massacres in the camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982 by Lebanese Christians. Images from the current Palestinian uprising were mixed in with those scenes, according to wire reports.

Posted: April 2, 2002

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