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Evil Jews

"O God, support the mujahidin for the sake of the triumph of your religion and the elevation of your word everywhere. O God, support them in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O God, support the mujahidin in Palestine. O God, deal with the tyrant Jews for they are within your power. O God, we ask You to face them and spare us their evils. O God, whoever wishes us and Muslims evil, busy him with himself and make his plotting destroy him."...

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV1, official television station of the Saudi Government, broadcast of live sermon by Shaykh Husayn al-Shaykh from the holy mosque in Mecca, August 30, 2002**

Cartoon from The Arab News, Saudi English language daily online version, July 30, 2002, shows a Jew, depicted as a traditional anti-Semitic caricature, shooting at a child

"O God, support our brother mujahidin for your sake everywhere. O God, grant them victory in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O God, deal with the aggressor Jews and all aggressive infidels. O God, deal with them for they are within your power."

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV1, official station of the Saudi Government, broadcast of live sermon by Shaykh Abd-al-Rahman al-Sudays from the holy mosque in Mecca, July 19, 2002 **

"O God, destroy the tyrant Jews. O God, deal with the Jews and their supporters. O God destroy them for they are within your power."

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV1, official station of the Saudi Government, broadcast of live sermon by Shaykh Usamah bin-Abdallah Khayyat from the holy mosque in Mecca, July 12, 2002 **

"It is natural that the world's people look at this minority which lives within itself with suspicion and prudence for its introversion towards itself and the lack of bridges between them and the others. This introversion includes different phenomenon as living in closed neighborhoods, surrounded by high walls or fences. It includes also the establishment of social relations, as marriage, with other people. The Jew closes himself, refuses to abandon its bygone language, its tradition and customs, in order to become an isolated phenomenon. But since the modern societies in the west are zealous about this extinct phenomenon, it enables the Jew to do what he does, and to always find someone who protects him and helps him, even if it means the annihilation of all of a people in order to take its place".

Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, article entitled "The Security Fence!" by Jihad Fadel, July 11, 2002

"O God, help our weak brothers in Palestine score victory over the usurper Jews. O God, destroy the Jews, who have gone too far in their tyranny, corruption, and aggression. O God, shake the ground under them, instill fear in their hearts, and make them a prey for Muslims."

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV2 in Arabic, official television station of the Saudi Government, broadcast of live sermon by Shayk Salah al-Budayr from the holy mosque in Medina, June 28, 2002 **

In an interview on a television station backed by a Saudi prince a three year old girl was questioned. "Are you familiar with the Jews?" Amer, the interviewer asks. The girl says yes, and says she does not like them "because…they're apes and pigs." "Who said so?" the anchor asks. "Our God," the girl replies, adding that Allah says this "in the Quran."

Fox, "Saudi Broadcasts Promote Anti-Semitism, Martyrdom" by Amy C. Sims, June 15, 2002

"O God, the Jews have transgressed all limits in their tyranny. O God, shake the ground under their feet, pour torture on them, and destroy all of them."

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV2, official television station of the Saudi Government, broadcast of sermon by Shaykh Abd-al-Bari al-Thubayti, June 7, 2002

"The murderer, Ariel Sharon, will be welcomed in the US, on Monday 6/5/2002, with a bay crown made by the American congress, since a couple of days before his arrival (3/5/2002), two decisions were made, supporting Israel in the Middle East struggle, based (on the claim) that '(Israel) is fighting terror' as the US does. Both decisions were made by the member of the Zionist Council of Elders, Joseph Lieberman…"

Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar in an article entitled "A Criminal is Welcomed With a Bay Crown," May 6, 2002

In an article dealing with the Internet media, the writer reports on an internet "chatroom" conversation: "…and then the debate flared up, when one of them presented what he called 'the Christian world's dissemblance to the Jews', as they killed the Messiah, upon him be peace, and their role in the church's destruction and division. He mentioned the annoying fact about their role in the two World Wars' ignition, which destroyed millions of lives, a big part of them are Christians. And then he said that today they (Jews) are exploding the Church of the Nativity's gate in front of the world…."

Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Dr. Fayez ash-Shuhri in an article entitled "Even the Internet Defeats Sharon," April 17, 2002

"Can someone in the world convince us with those slogans … after the American regime seeds (in the world) the uglier kinds of injustice, oppression and separation in the name of defending international interests, while it defends the most famous terrorist regime and the most famous terrorist, whose name is Sharon? How does America want the world to be convinced with its actions against terror, while it supports it in Palestine?"

Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Dr. Haya 'Abed al-'Aziz al-Muni' in an article entitled "The American History is Written by a Palestinian Child," March 20, 2002

"I don't believe that the [Sept. 11] attack on America was perpetrated by Bin-Laden or the Muslims. I think differently. I believe it was a scheme."

"What is happening now is a continuation of an ancient attack. It is a continuation of the Jewish deception and the Jewish-Zionist wickedness which infiltrates the US... I am surprised that the Christian US allows the brothers of apes and pigs [meaning the Jews] to corrupt it."

"[The Jews] have murdered the prophets and the messengers. They are the most despicable people who walked the land and are the worms of the entire world. They are all evil. And why? Because they are deceiving and plotting aggressors...."

"The Jews do not respect Jesus, the son of Mary. America should know who the Jews truly are. The Jews see Jesus as someone born from prostitution, while he is the noble prophet of Allah, and his mother, peace be upon her, is pure...."

"Jewish fingerprints have infiltrated the US. Jewish evil and deception are those who attacked the US. Osama Bin-Laden fought against the opposing falsehood and oppression that is generated by the evil and deceptive Jewish-Zionism...."

"They want to rid the world of Islam. They don't want Islam to ever have a revival. Osama Bin-Laden removed oppression; even Muslims came back to their belief and their religion. He did not present a distorted picture of Islam to the West. Quite the contrary; reading about Islam became more popular in the West."

"Westerners read about the morality of the Prophet Mohammed, his beliefs and his values. They read about Islam, not about terrorism...."

"The American people is a people that is being led by the media and TV culture. If a wicked Jewish crook begins saying that the Muslims are oppressors, it has an influence on the Americans."

"The media in America is in the hands of the Jews and behind it are the Jewish Zionists' despicable fingerprints that change reality. They have even deceived the Christians about their own religion."

"Did you know that the person who forged the Christian religion is a Jew?"

"The Muslims have mercy on the Christians more than they have on the Jews. Bin-Laden defended the oppressed. We warn the US and advise it to get rid of the Jews."

Al-Jazeera Talk Show quoting Abdullah Bin-Matruk Al-Haddal, a preacher from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, January 22, 2002*


All translations by ADL unless otherwise indicated.
* Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
** Source: Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) as cited by the Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)

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