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Jewish Control of the Media

"The smaller accusation directed to anyone who dares to describe the Jews as liars in their nature, is the accusation of 'anti-Semitism'. This is a destructive accusation, from which many suffer, such as Roger Garudi and western philosophers, politicians and academics, who spoke about the exaggerations in the Holocaust story, which the Jews propagated many times in order to gain the western societies' sympathy. Those educated people were exposed to distort and boycott by the media and different cultural platforms… It is sure that measuring (it) by two different kinds of measures by the western media and the western institutions, has brought the Jewish control to a level close to domination over almost all the media trends in countries like the US. For example, we all know the extent of bias on behalf of Israel, operated by famous American newspaper like The NY Times and The Washington Post."

"The question that rises from all these attitudes is: until when is the American media's submission going to continue in front of the Jewish institutions' control?"

"It is inevitable that a consciousness movement will be established, resisting this control… Only they have the right to blame others and to censure them, and they are the only (people) that the world has to compensate about their 'historical' pains, and they are the only (people) which has rights that others do not have, and the others (have no right) to defend themselves. It is inevitable that it will lead to push the Americans and others to ask themselves: 'Why only the Jews?'"

- Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Dr. 'Abed al-Wahed al-Hamid in article entitled "The Jewish Control," May 27, 2002

"Prince Sultan ibn Abdul Aziz publicly accused the 'Zionist and Jewish lobby' of orchestrating a 'media blitz' against the desert kingdom."

- The Forward, article entitled "Defensive Saudis Lash out at 'Zionist' and U.S. Critics" by Marc Perelman, December 28, 2001

"Unfortunately, the American people are unaware of the facts about Muslims and Arabs, both historically and contemporarily, because American society has been brainwashed by a deluge of anti-Islamic propaganda produced by Zionist organizations. Jewish establishments, which control the major media organs and other means of mass communication, present Islam as a religion of terrorists."

- Arab, Saudi English daily, article entitled "Zionist's History of Terrorism" by Hassan Tahsin, December 26, 2001

"…we now find books and films, most of them written and produced by zealous Jewish hands, condemning any racial movement that is not Jewish. At the same time, only a very few books have dared to write against Jewish racism. Since the big publishing houses are at the mercy of the Jews, only a few of these are published - and if they are published, their distribution is extremely small… If these Jewish zealots were credible, they should have written about the Jewish racism they know so well."

"The arrogance and tyranny of the Jews, who manage to hide it from the Western public, has reached such proportions that anyone who talks about them, their hegemony, and their racism knows that he will pay a high price."

"The Jewish zealots, with their great monetary, media, and political influence, can have them imprisoned. The Jewish zealots have already managed to jail many of their critics in many European countries - perhaps because they are incapable, at the moment, of assassinating anyone who criticizes them and exposes their racism in the countries of the West. But they are capable of silencing him in other ways. Anyone who desires to present the words of the racist Jewish leaders as testimony finds himself in prison - this is due to their influence."

"Through this infiltration of the various American administrations, and through controlling the media and money, the Jews impose their agenda on the other peoples, and the Jewish sense of superiority, whose aim is to recruit the peoples and their resources for the good of Jewish interests and their racist state Israel, remain unchanged."

- Al Watan, Saudi daily, two-part article entitled "The Jewish Sense of Superiority in the World" by Abdallah Aal Malhi, December 28, 2001 *


All translations by ADL unless otherwise indicated.
* Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
** Source: Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) as cited by the Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)

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