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Jewish Control of American Policy

Cartoon Showing Isreali Control of American Policy
Cartoon from The Arab News,, Saudi English language daily online version, June 28, 2002, depicts President Bush as the "tongue" of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who has a Jewish star on his tie and the "U.S. administration" hanging from his jacket pocket.

"It is enough to see a number of congressmen wearing Jewish yarmulkes to explain the allegations against us."

- Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat, London-based Saudi-owned daily, quoting Prince Sultan bin Abd Al-Aziz on U.S. criticism of Saudi Arabia, June 23, 2002

"Let us now look at the bankruptcy of Enron, the fifth largest company in the US. Its annual revenues were estimated at $162.4 billion and was the largest bankruptcy in US history. Enron had a strategic position in terms of federal revenue. Its collapse also affected a large number of investors, inside and outside the country. But the strangest thing is that this big issue did not move Congress as the Whitewater case had done. And this was so in spite of the strong evidence of the involvement of Vice President Cheney. Why did Congress keep silent? Those who study the case of Enron will find that the Israeli lobby and international Zionism did not use the issue to topple the Bush government. The government apparently tried to cool public reaction to the bankruptcy. The vice president, with the support of White House, refused to submit Enron's files. How can we explain the stand of the US Congress and the judiciary on this matter? We know that Andersen, the auditors of Enron, received all kinds of favor from the American judiciary. On the other hand, the judiciary put more pressure on Andersen than on the company's management.
I would like to ask a question to those who read this article: Has there been any kind of deal between the US government and the Zionist lobby in the Enron case? Why was the vice president kept away at the beginning of the war on Afghanistan? Why did the vice president disappear from the limelight, citing security reasons? Was it because of a deal between the US government and the Zionists including the Israeli lobby to whom the vice president was sympathetic?
One may ask why I link the silence of the US lawmaking body and judiciary to Zionist influence.

My answers are:

- Enron's bankruptcy is the largest in US history and is the biggest loss for the federal government in terms of revenues.

- The Zionist lobby has showed its influence by supporting some candidates and defeating other candidates or officeholders through financing and other pressure tools.

- Because of Zionist influence on the media in general and on the US media in particular, the media did not highlight the Enron case.

- The Democratic Party did not make Enron a big issue, apparently because it was influenced by the Zionist lobby.

- The US president intervened personally to suppress European interference with Sharon's massacre of Palestinians.

This means the Zionist lobby has strong influence on American decision-makers. US lawmakers (Congressmen) and the American executive (presidents) are rarely elected without the support of the Zionist lobby. In the light of this, I can see only the Israeli lobby's hand in suppressing the Enron case.

Let us now examine the present Israeli massacres in Palestine, which are without equal since World War II. The US president tells us that he can understand what the Israelis are doing. Why did he ignore the views of his European allies and take it as a personal issue? Can anybody believe that this is the thinking of a person ruling the world's most powerful country - unless he was pushed by some force? Will the truth of Israel's massacres lead to the downfall of the presidency and the Zionists playing the Enron card? How can we compare Irangate, which almost toppled the government of Reagan, with the Enron bankruptcy, which was the largest in US history. The million-dollar question is: Did the Zionists do a deal of Enron for Sharon?"

-, Saudi English daily, article entitled, "Sharon and Enron" by Bandar ibn Abdullah, Special to Arab News, May 8, 2002

Israel, Whip in Hand, Controlling US Policy
Cartoon from The Arab News, Saudi English language daily online version, May 8, 2002,depicts a Jew represented by a traditional anti-Semitic caricature controlling American foreign policy]

"I think that Bush does not present Sharon such demands, since the Israeli lobby is pushing the congress against Bush… and the media is in solidarity with 'the sole democracy in the Middle East'…"

- Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, article entitled "A Criminal is Welcomed With a Bay Crown," May 6, 2002

"The Israelis know that they are in no shape to take on the whole Muslim world. For this reason they are depending on their Zionist assets in the United States to thoroughly demonize Islam and the Muslims and in the process reinvigorate a 'Crusader" mentality throughout the West"

- Arab, Saudi English daily, article entitled "Zionists Behind War Against Kingdom" by Dr. Ahmed Yousef, May 1, 2002

"It's been a long time that we claim that the US policy cannot be to submit to the Jewish/Zionist lobby's influence, even though the lobby has an influence, and it stretches its long rope within the American society - the money and media. We were expressing the view that the American interests are integrated with the lobby's aims."

- Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, article entitled "The Embarrasing Question of Hate is Renewed . . . This is America" by 'Abdallah al-Qafari, April 8, 2002

"Zinni… knows the mission's difficulty, not only because his opponent is Palestinian who does not accept the given opportunities, but because he is the Knesset's representative, dressed with American clothes".

- Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, quoting Ahmad al-Musaybih, article entitled "General Zinni … in Exchange for General Sharon," March 19, 2002
Cartoon: Sharon with Swastika Controlling US Policy
Cartoon fromThe Arab News, Saudi English language daily online version, November 22, 2001, depicts Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reading Colin Powell's speech with a Swastika in his eye.

"Lieberman and the Zionist gang that includes the likes of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, defense policy advisor Richard Perle, or the Likud-leaning writer William Safire [of The New York Times] are responsible for turning the US against Iraq to benefit Israel…"

- The Jerusalem Post quoting Al-Hayat, London-based, Saudi-owned daily newspaper, in which columnists attributed the September 11th attacks to Israeli and Jewish infiltration into Muslim regimes and blamed Senator Joseph Lieberman's religious beliefs for some US official's stance on Iraq, November 8, 2001

"Thomas Friedman, a Jew, accuses Saudi Arabia and Egypt of not being with the US in its war on Afghanistan. The Washington Post even questions the legitimacy of the government in Egypt by saying that the elections were not fair, that freedom of expression is suppressed and that the political situation is in peril."

"There is no doubt that after World War II, the world Jewry has been trying to be as close as possible to the decision-making processes in the West in general and the US in particular - Congress, the Senate and the Pentagon. Zionism convinced the Western world that communism was their enemy No. 1 with Islam occupying the second position. As communism is no longer a threat, Islam is the No. 1 enemy and such a canard is unfortunately believed by many Westerners."

"Moreover, as Zionism is surviving on lies, it exploits every opportunity to target Islam and this is evident following the September attacks on the US. Therefore, the US media that are controlled or dominated by Zionists continue attacking Islam, Muslims and Arabs taking advantage of the fact that the prime suspects in the attacks are Arab or Muslim."

"The enmity between the West and Islam is growing due to the lies spread Zionism. Zionists claim that Arabs and Muslims are against Israel. They choose to ignore the fact that Israel is an alien outpost in the Arab world. It was Jews who occupied Palestine and displaced its original people."

"Still Zionists are trying to make it appear that the just struggle of the Arabs for restoring their rights and land is not only directed against Israel but also against the Western world and that Israel is the best guardian of the West's interests in the Middle East. So, it is not surprising that the Zionist media tried to equate the September attacks on the US with the legitimate struggle of the Palestinians against Israel and call the Palestinians terrorists. Zionists are trying to poison Arab-US relations to further their own interests."

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt believe in open diplomacy. They have their own perceptions on Afghanistan. It is in Israel's interests to create a wedge between the West and Arab world. The Western countries should ponder whether it is in their own interests to swallow the Zionist version of everything."

- Arab News.Com, Saudi English daily, article entitled "US Media Dancing to Zionist Tune" by Hassan Tahsin, November 5, 2001

"A Saudi prince has blamed "Jewish pressure" for the rejection of his $10 million donation to a New York relief fund…Alwaleed said in remarks published in the daily Okaz "The whole issue is that I spoke about their position (on the Middle East Conflict) and they didn't like it because there are Jewish pressures and they were afraid of them."

- Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily, October 13, 2001


All translations by ADL unless otherwise indicated.
* Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
** Source: Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) as cited by the Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)

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