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Congressmanís Anti-Semitic Remarks are "Unacceptable" and "Symptomatic of a More Serious Problem"
Posted: March 13, 2003

With America moving toward a confrontation with Iraq, the dangerous anti-Semitic canard about Jewish influence and control of U.S. foreign policy resurfaced in the inflammatory statements of a Virginia Congressman, James P. Moran, who stated at a March 3rd antiwar forum that if it werenít for "the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this." Although Moran later apologized, his remarks underscored the growing propensity for some political leaders, columnists and pundits to play the "Jewish" card, blaming the "Jewish influence" and the "Jewish lobby" for pushing the U.S. to the brink of war.

The Leagueís response has been swift. ADL leaders across the country have spoken out, calling the congressmanís statements "outrageous, offensive and baseless." National leaders and regional directors have responded on the airwaves and in print with the message that crude appeals to anti-Semitism are unacceptable and un-American. ADLís Washington Regional Office made clear in a letter to Rep. Moran that his comments were insensitive and deeply troubling. The letter stated that, ďScapegoating and appeals to racial, ethnic and religious intolerance are incompatible with the trust of public office.Ē

Concerned that Rep. Moranís statements were "symptomatic of a more serious problem," ADL plans to expose Rep. Moranís statements and the pernicious attitudes that underlie them as "Unacceptable" in a full-page ad scheduled to appear on Friday, March 14, in The Washington Post.

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