Anti-Semitism and Prejudice in America
Highlights from an ADL Survey - November 1998

How Prevalent is Anti-Semitism in America?
Declining Acceptance of Nearly All Anti-Jewish Stereotypes
Which Americans are Most Likely to Hold Anti-Semitic Views?
Anti-Semitism and Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance
Anti-Semitism and Political and Economic Alienation
Anti-Semitism and Attitudes Toward Israel
Survey Methodology

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11-Item Index of Anti-Semitic Beliefs
I am going to read a list of statements expressing different opinions about Jewish people that some people may have.  For each one, please tell me whether you think that statement is probably true or probably false.

1 Jews stick together more than other Americans.
2 Jews always like to be at the head of things.
3 Jews are  more loyal to Israel than America.
4 Jews have too much power in the U.S. today.
5 Jews have too much control and influence on Wall Street.
6 Jews have too much power in the business world.
7 Jews have a lot of irritating faults.
8 Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want.
9 Jewish businessmen are so shrewd that others don't have a fair chance in competition.
10 Jews don't care what happens to anyone but their own kind
11 Jews are [not] just as honest as other businessmen.


Not Anti-Semitic Agree with 0-1 statements 53 %
Middle Agree with 2-5 statements 35 %
Most Anti-Semitic Agree with 6-11 statements 12 %

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