Anti-Semitism and Prejudice in America
Highlights from an ADL Survey - November 1998

How Prevalent is Anti-Semitism in America?
Declining Acceptance of Nearly All Anti-Jewish Stereotypes
Which Americans are Most Likely to Hold Anti-Semitic Views?
Anti-Semitism and Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance
Anti-Semitism and Political and Economic Alienation
Anti-Semitism and Attitudes Toward Israel
Survey Methodology

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Anti-Semitism and Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance

There is a high correlation between anti-Semitism and a lack of tolerance on other social issues.

The current study reaffirms one of the more significant findings from the three previous surveys: that there is a strong correlation between anti-Semitism and racism, xenophobia and intolerance of diversity.

In other words, those Americans who are most likely to have negative attitudes toward Jews are also noticeably more likely than the rest of the population to hold intolerant beliefs about other groups, such as immigrants, gays or people of other races.

As the chart on the following page shows, the most anti-Semitic Americans tend to be less tolerant than the public at large on issues related to:

  • Immigration
  • Equal rights
  • Race relations
  • Sexual orientation and gender
1. Most Anti-Semitic Americans also Tend to be More Intolerant on Other Issues

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