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People with Disabilities
1.   A Very Special Critter
Gina Mayer (Author), Mercer Mayer (Author)
Little Critter discovers that the new boy in class who uses a wheelchair is really not so different from anyone else.
[Grade Level: K - 2]
2.   A World of Knowing: A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
Andy Russell Bowen (Author), Elaine Wadsworth (Illustrator)
This Creative Minds series biography provides a contemporary account of the life of the man who developed American Sign Language. Thomas Gallaudet was driven by the experiences of Alice Cogswell, the nine-year-old deaf daughter of a neighbor, to travel to Europe and study methods for teaching deaf students. Upon returning to the U.S., Gallaudet founded the American School for the Deaf. In 1864, his son, Edward, established the first college for the deaf which in 1986 became Gallaudet University.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
3.   Brian's Bird
Patricia A. Davis (Author), Layne Johnson (Illustrator)
A young boy who is blind learns to care for his new parakeet.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
4.   Can You Hear a Rainbow?: The Story of a Deaf Boy Named Chris
Jamee Riggio Heelan (Author), Nicola Simmonds (Illustrator)
A boy who is deaf tells how he uses sign language, hearing aids, and his other senses to communicate, and how he goes to public school with an interpreter.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
5.   Count Us In: Growing Up with Down Syndrome
Andy Bricky (Author), Jason Kingsley (Author), Mitchell Levitz (Author)
Two young men with Down Syndrome celebrate their successful coming-of-age and hard-won independence.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
6.   Elfwyn's Saga
Written by
David Wisniewski
The story of a girl who is the heroine of her people.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
7.   Emmanuel Osofu Yeboah, Advocate for Ghana's Disabled Population
Written by
Adam Woog
Emmanuel Osofu Yeboah was born with a deformed leg in Ghana, where people with disabilities are considered burdens to society. In 2001, Emmanuel devoted himself to changing this view and biked one-legged 370 miles around Ghana. Through continued efforts, he has forever changed his nation's treatment and view of people with disabilities.
[Grade Level: 3 - 6]
8.   Facing Down the Tough Stuff
Written by
Jacqueline L. Harris
Young authors with learning disabilities, serious illness, blended families and friendship struggles share their stories. The end of the book includes teaching ideas and discussion questions.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
9.   Going with the Flow
Claire H. Blatchford (Author), Janice Lee Porter (Illustrator)
A young boy who changes schools in mid-year is angry, lonely and embarrassed by his deafness.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
10.   Harry and Willy and Carrothead
Written by
Judith Caseley
Three boys overcome their prejudices and become friends.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
11.   Hearing Loss
Written by
Carol Baldwin
Examines the causes, symptoms, and treatment of hearing loss.
[Grade Level: 3 - 6]
12.   How Dyslexic Benny Became a Star: A Story of Hope for Dyslexic Children and Their Parents
Joe Griffith (Author), Jenny Schulz (Illustrator)
A fifth-grader who feels frustrated and humiliated because of his learning disability becomes a star on the football field, and when he is diagnosed with dyslexia, he finds that he has a whole team of people ready to help.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
13.   Jordan Has a Hearing Loss
Written by
Jillian Powell
A boy describes what it is like to live with hearing loss.
[Grade Level: 2 - 4]
14.   Learning Disorders
Written by
Jacqueline L. Harris
Discusses how the brain processes information and examines the emotional, biological, and physiological manifestations of various learning disorders. Personalized examples are given and activities and strategies are suggested to help students overcome their problems and improve their skills.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
15.   Let's Talk about Being in a Wheelchair
Written by
Melanie Ann Apel
Description of activities when using a wheelchair.
[Grade Level: K - 2]
16.   Let's Talk about Deafness
Written by
Melanie A. Gordon
Discusses deafness, its causes, and how people who are deaf live full lives with a hearing impairment.
[Grade Level: 2 - 6]
17.   Mom's Best Friend
Sally Hobart Alexander (Author), George Ancona (Illustrator)
The true story of a woman, her family, and her guide dog.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
18.   My eXtra Special Brother
Stephanie Conley (Illustrator), Carly Heyman (Author)
The teen author describes the joys and challenges of life with her brother Scott who has fragile X syndrome.
19.   No Fair To Tigers/ No Es Justo Para Los Tigres
Eric Hoffman (Author), Janice Lee Porter (Illustrator)
A girl fixes up her ragged stuffed tiger but, when she goes to get tiger food for it, she cannot get into the store because she is in a wheelchair and there are only steps.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
20.   Please Don't Cry, Mom: A Book About Depression
Helen DenBoer (Author), Janice Galanter Goldstein (Illustrator)
A young boy and his father learn how to cope with a family member's depression.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
21.   Rainbow Joe and Me
Written and Illustrated by
Maria Diaz Strom
A young girl shares her love of colors with her friend who is blind and who makes his own colors when he plays beautiful notes on his saxophone.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
22.   Safe Place
Tehila Peterseil (Author), Zely Smechov (Illustrator)
The story of a young girl with ADD and dyslexia, who finds daily life an emotional and psychological struggle until a very special teacher enters her life.
[Grade Level: 5 & Up]
23.   Sam Uses a Wheelchair
Written by
Jillian Powell
Description of what a young girl with a physical disability can do using her wheelchair.
[Grade Level: 2 - 4]
24.   Sara's Secret
Shelly O. Haas (Illustrator), Suzanne Wanous (Author)
Afraid of being ridiculed, a young girl doesn't want to tell her friends that her brother has cerebral palsy.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
25.   Sees Behind Trees
Written by
Michael Dorris
Set in the colonial past, this coming-of-age story is about a young Powhatan Indian boy with a visual disability who dreads the warrior's test, a rite of passage for boys his age to enter manhood, but ends up passing the test with flying colors by using his acute senses of hearing and smell.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
26.   Silent Observer
Written and Illustrated by
Christy Mackinnon
The story of a child who was deaf and her relationship with her family.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
27.   Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You
Written by
Barthe DeClements
Helen fears that lack of improvement in her reading may leave her stuck in the sixth grade forever, until a good teacher recognizes her reading problem.
[Grade Level: 5 & Up]
28.   The River That Gave Gifts
Written by
Margo Humphrey
Before a beloved elder of the town goes blind, a young girl and her playmates gather together and decide they will each give her a special gift.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
29.   The Survival Guide for Kids with LD (Learning Differences)
Rhonda Woods Cummings (Author), Gary Fisher (Author), Pamela Espeland (Editor)
A book intended for use by young people with this disability. The book begins with the "Six Great Gripes of Kids with LD," the first of which is, "No one explains what LD is, so we spend a lot of time worrying about what is wrong with us."
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
30.   The Wizard of Sound
Barbara Mitchell (Author), Hetty Mitchell (Illustrator)
A story about Thomas Edison, who overcame a disability to become a great inventor.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
31.   Trout and Me
Written by
Susan Richards Shreve
Ben's troubles at school get progressively worse when he starts hanging around Trout, a new boy in his fifth grade class, who also has ADD and is labeled as learning disabled.
[Grade Level: 6 & Up]
32.   Unjust Cause
Written by
Tehila Peterseil
David has dysgraphia, and his family cannot come to terms with his learning disability. His only hope of improvement is blocked by his father who refuses to face reality, until two teachers join forces to try to open the father's mind.
[Grade Level: 6 & Up]
33.   We Can Do It!
Written by
Laura Dwight
This book depicts the lives of young children with various disabilities.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
34.   What Do You Mean I Have a Learning Disability?
Kathleen M. Dwyer (Author), Barbara Beirne (Photographer)
This story is about a boy who feels that he is "dumb" because he has a learning disability, until he begins receiving tutoring and improves his grades. His story expresses all the feelings that most children with learning disabilities experience (fear, anger, discouragement, and lack of self-worth), and presents options for overcoming learning difficulties.
[Grade Level: 3 - 6]
35.   Why Can't I Learn Like Everyone Else?: Youth With Learning Disabilities
Shirley Brinkerhoff (Author), Laurie Glader (Author), Carolyn Bridgemahon (Author)
Charlie Begay, an eighth-grade Navajo student in New Mexico who has dyslexia, describes his personal journey of embarrassment, frustration, and low self-esteem due to his learning disability. Included at the end of the story is factual material about learning disabilities, terminology, possible signs, diagnosis, the law, coping strategies, and success stories.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
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