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Books in this category include customs and traditions of people around the world. In some books the emphasis is on commonalties among people; in others, the focus is on the ways that people and groups of people can be different from one another.
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1.   A Migrant Family
Written by
Larry Dane Brimner
The day-to-day life of a migrant family Migrant workers.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
2.   Abuela's Weave
Omar S. Castaneda (Author), Enrique O. Sanchez (Illustrator)
A young girl and her grandmother weave clothing and tapestries to take to the market and sell during the fiesta.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
3.   Ballerino Nate
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (Author), Robert W. Alley (Illustrator)
After attending a student ballet performance with his kindergarten class, Nate decides he wants to become a ballet dancer, but is discouraged by his second-grade, sports-loving brother, who pronounces, "You can't... You're a boy," and reminds Nate at every turn that his dream is for girls' and will require him to wear pink shoes and a dress. Despite his parents’ reassurance, Nate is still apprehensive when he begins a ballet class and learns that he is the only boy enrolled. Nate's mother takes him to a real ballet performance, where he sees that half the dancers are men. Nate gets to meet one of the dancers, who agrees that a man can't be a ballerina, because that means "woman dancer." Instead, he tells Nate that he hopes some day to be a top ballerino, and Nate feels good about his new pursuit at last.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
4.   Braving the Frozen Frontier: Women Working in Antarctica
Written by
Rebecca L. Johnson
Day-to-day experiences of several women who work in Antarctica.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
5.   Calling of the Doves/El canto de las palomas
Juan Felipe Herrera (Author), Elly Simmons (Illustrator)
The author recalls his childhood in the mountains and valleys of California with his farmworker parents who inspired him with poetry and song.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
6.   Caravan
Darryl Ligasan (Illustrator), Lawrence McKay (Author)
A ten-year-old boy accompanies his father for the first time on a caravan trip through the mountains of Afghanistan to the city below to trade their goods at market.
7.   Cesar Chavez
Ruth Franchere (Author), Earl Thollander (Illustrator)
The biography of the Mexican American who led the nationwide boycott of grapes as part of his movement to organize farm laborers in the United States.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
8.   Drylongso
Virginia Hamilton (Author), Jerry Pinkney (Illustrator)
A young man called Drylongso relieves a family's distress during a drought.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
9.   El Chino
Written and Illustrated by
Allen Say
Billy, the son of immigrants from China, was always told by his father that "In America, you can be anything you want to be." Billy's dreams of being a famous basketball player, however, are met with laughs and comments like, "Who's ever heard of a Chinese athlete!" Billy gives up his hopes of being a great athlete and studies engineering. Years later, while visiting Spain, Billy's dreams are reawakened when he falls in love with bullfighting and defies expectations to become the first Asian matador.
[Grade Level: 2 - 6]
10.   Ellen Ochoa: First Latina Astronaut
Lila Guzman (Author), Rick Guzman (Author)
Part of the Famous Latinos series, this easy-to-read biography describes the life of the first Hispanic woman in space. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Ochoa excelled in school and went on to be an electrical engineer, inventor and pilot, but dreamed of being an astronaut. Ochoa pursued her goal, even after being turned down twice by NASA, and was accepted into the space program in 1990. Using simple text, numerous photographs, a timeline and glossary, the authors describe Ochoa’s training and experiences as an astronaut. The book is also available in a Spanish language edition, Ellen Ochoa: La Primera Astronauta Latina.
[Grade Level: 2 - 4]
11.   First Pink Light
Jan Spivey Gilchrist (Illustrator), Eloise Greenfield (Author)
A young boy waits for his father to return.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
12.   I Want To Be President
Michaela Muntean (Author), Tom Brannon (Illustrator)
A Sesame Street Muppet describes what she would do if she became the President of the United States. This is an introduction to the political system in the U.S. for young children.
[Grade Level: Pre-K]
13.   Immigrant Girl: Becky of Eldridge Street
Brett Harvey (Author), Deborah Kogan Ray (Illustrator)
An authentic portrayal of a period in America when immigration was at its height.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
14.   Jamal's Busy Day
George Ford (Illustrator), Wade Hudson (Author)
A day in the life of a close-knit family.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
15.   Jeremy's Decision
Ardyth Brott (Author), Michael Martchenko (Illustrator)
Jeremy is always asked if he will be a famous orchestra conductor like his father, but he has his own plans for the future.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
16.   Land of Hope
Written by
Joan Lowery Nixon
A young immigrant, arriving in New York City in 1902, almost abandons her dream of getting an education when she is forced to work in a sweatshop.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
17.   Madoulina: A Girl Who Wanted to Go to School
Written by
Joel Bognomo
Madoulina loves school but has to help her mother sell food in the marketplace this schoolyear instead. Her teacher speaks to her mother and makes an arrangement.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
18.   Max the Stubborn Little Wolf
Marie-Odile Judes (Author), Joan Robins (Author), Martine Bourre (Illustrator)
A little wolf dreams of becoming a florist rather than a hunter as his father demands. Papa Wolf cooks up several plans to convince him to change his young mind, but Max cannot be persuaded.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 2]
19.   Molasses Man
Felicia Marshall (Illustrator), Kathy L. May (Author)
A young boy describes how he watches his family work together to harvest the Sorghum cane and make molasses.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
20.   New England Whaler
Robert F. Baldwin (Author), Richard Erickson (Illustrator)
A depiction of the way of life of New England whalers during the 1840s.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
21.   Off to School
Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert (Author), Gershom Griffith (Illustrator)
The youngest child in a sharecropper's family longs to go to school, but during harvest season Papa insists that she stays at home and prepare the midday meal.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
22.   People
Written and Illustrated by
Peter Spier
A story that emphasizes the similarities and differences among the four billion people on earth.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 3]
23.   Peppe the Lamplighter
Elisa Bartone (Author), Ted Lewin (Illustrator)
A young boy learns that every job is important.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
24.   Precious Gold, Precious Jade
Written by
Sharon E. Heisel
A young woman befriends a Chinese family despite the racism and fear that overwhelm the residents of her small mining town at the end of the gold rush.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
25.   Pueblo Indian
Steven Cory (Author), Richard Erickson (Illustrator)
Pueblo Indian tradition and history are depicted with realistic illustrations.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
26.   Sam
Ann Herbert Scott (Author), Symeon Shimin (Illustrator)
A family finds a special job for young Sam who wants to feel helpful.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
27.   Stolen Dreams: Portraits of Working Children
Robert Conrow (Author), Lee Engfer (Author), David L. Parker (Author and Illustrator)
Photographs show the lives of working children around the world and the hardships they endure.
28.   Sweet Magnolia
Laura Jacques (Illustrator), Virginia Kroll (Author)
A young girl visits her grandmother, a wildlife rehabilitater, in the Louisiana bayou, and helps her heal and free an injured baby bird.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
29.   The Ant and the Grasshopper
Retold and Illustrated by
Amy Lowry Poole
A colony of industrious ants busily prepares for winter while a grasshopper makes no plans for the cold weather to come.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
30.   The Potato Man
Ted Lewin (Illustrator), Megan McDonald (Author)
Grandpa tells stories of the fruit-and-vegetable huckster in his childhood neighborhood.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
31.   The Sacred Harvest
Dale Kakkak (Illustrator), Gordon Pegguinti (Author)
The importance of rice in the lives of the Ojibway of Northern Minnesota is explained.
32.   The Sioux
Ronald Himler (Illustrator), Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (Author)
A look at the lifestyle of the Sioux including family life, dances, ceremonies and their roles as hunters and warriors.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
33.   The Workers' Detective: A Story About Dr. Alice Hamilton
Stephanie Sammartino McPherson (Author), Janet Schulz (Illustrator)
A story about Dr. Alice Hamilton, social worker and doctor, whose work brought attention to the health risks associated with certain jobs.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
34.   Tight Times
Barbara Shook Hazen (Author), Trina Schart Hyman (Illustrator)
A father loses his job and the family has difficult financial times.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
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