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Books in this category include some traditional and some non-traditional versions of stories and poems from around the world. Some of these tales convey life lessons; others are intended to delight and amuse the reader or listener. Some of the poems were written by children.
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  Pass It On: African-American Poetry for Children
Floyd Cooper (Illustrator), Wade Hudson (Selecter)
A collection of poems about childhood.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
  Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About
Written by
Margaret Read McDonald
Folktales from around the world that invite readers to think about peace and how they can make it a reality.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
  The People Could Fly: The Picture Book
Diane Dillon (Illustrator), Leo Dillon (Illustrator), Virginia Hamilton (Author)
This folktale is about how a group of black slaves would cope with sadness or anger in their life. The slaves would use their magic to rise and fly away when they were subject to the cruelty of their masters.
[Grade Level: Pre-K]
  The People Who Hugged the Trees: An Environmental Folk Tale
Deborah Lee Rose (Adapter), Birgitta Saflund (Illustrator)
An environmental folktale from India.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Prietita and the Ghost Woman/ Prietita Y La Llorona
Gloria Anzaldua (Author), Christina Gonzalez (Illustrator)
A young girl becomes lost in her search for an herb to cure her mother and is aided by the legendary ghost woman.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  The Quiltmaker's Gift
Jeff Brumbeau (Author), Gail de Marcken (Illustrator)
A generous quiltmaker agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
  The Rainbow Fish
Written by
Marcus Pfister
A beautiful rainbow fish learns a valuable lesson about pride and vanity.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  The Rainmakers
Written and Illustrated by
E. J. Bird
The adventures of Cricket and his grandfather provide a glimpse into the lives of the Anasazi.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
  Raven's Gift
Jo-Ann E. Kitchel (Illustrator), Janice Kuharski (Reteller)
A clever raven tricks the Chief of the Sky into sharing light with all the creatures of the earth.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans
Arlene B. Hirschfelder (Author), Beverly R. Singer (Author)
A collection of essays and poems that share the thoughts and feelings of young Native Americans.
[Grade Level: 5 & Up]
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