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1.   Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story
Written and Photographed by
Bernard Wolf
Text and photographs depict the joys and hardships experiences by a Muslim family that immigrates to New York City from Egypt.
2.   Dear Whiskers
Ann Whitehead Nagada (Author), Stephanie Roth (Illustrator)
A young girl feels awkward around her classmates. When a new student from Saudia Arbia comes to her school, they become friends and the young girl realizes there are classmates who will accept her for who she is.
[Grade Level: 2 - 6]
3.   Muslim Child: Understanding Islam Through Stories and Poems
Rukhsana Khan (Author), Patty Gallinger (Illustrator)
Several short stories, poems, readings from the Qur'an, and a recipe, tell about Muslim children from a variety of backgrounds and places.
[Grade Level: 3 - 6]
4.   My Name Is Bilal
Asma Mobin-Uddin (Author), Barbara Kiwak (Illustrator)
Bilal and his sister transfer to a school where they are the only Muslim students. Bilal tries to hide his identity, until his teacher gives him a biography of an important figure in the history of the Islamic faith also named Bilal.
[Grade Level: 2 - 6]
5.   Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam: Oasis of Peace
Ben Dolphin (Illustrator), Laurie Dolphin (Author)
The lives of two boys, one Jewish and one Arab, who attend a school in a unique community where Jews and Arabs live in peace.
6.   Ramadan
Suhaib Hamid Ghazi (Author), Omar Rayyan (Illustrator)
Describes the celebration of the month of Ramadan by an Islamic family; describes the meaning and importance of the holiday in the Islamic religion.
[Grade Level: K - 6]
7.   The Day of Ahmed's Secret
Judith Heide Gilliland (Author), Florence Parry Heide (Author), Ted Lewin (Illustrator)
A young boy's journey through Cairo, where old cultures and new ways of life co-exist.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
8.   The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story
Rebecca Hickox (Author), Will Hillenbrand (Illustrator)
An Iraqi version of the Cinderella story.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
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