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Books in this category address a wide range of historical and current forms of bigotry, prejudice that is both intentional and systemic and prejudice that is unintentional, but just as hurtful. In some books prejudice is the primary focus of the story; in others it is part of the fabric of the book but not its central theme.
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   All Books in the Prejudice & Discrimination Category
  A Picture Book of Sitting Bull
David A. Adler (Author), Samuel Byrd (Illustrator)
The biography of the leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Pig and the Shrink
Written by
Pamela Todd
Tucker Harrison needs to come up with a winning science fair project in a hurry, so he convinces Angelo "Pig" Pighetti, the heaviest kid in the seventh grade, to participate in a weight-loss experiment. But Angelo, whose family owns a pizza restaurant, gains instead of loses weight. As Tucker watches the warm and loving family work together to make great food, he realizes that Angelo isn't cut out to be anyone's experiment. Tucker begins to look beyond outward appearances and gains a clear sense of Angelo's individuality and worth.
[Grade Level: 4 - 8]
  Pink and Say
Written and Illustrated by
Patricia Polacco
The story of Pinkus Aylee who during the Civil War saved Sheldon Russell Curtis, the author's great, great grandfather.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Pinky and Rex and the Bully
James Howe (Author), Melissa sweet (Illustrator)
The third grade bully, Kevin, taunts Pinky because his favorite color is pink and his best friend, Rex, is a girl.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Precious Gold, Precious Jade
Written by
Sharon E. Heisel
A young woman befriends a Chinese family despite the racism and fear that overwhelm the residents of her small mining town at the end of the gold rush.
[Grade Level: 4 - 6]
  Primer Dia en Las Uvas
L. King Perez (Author), Robert Casilla (Illustrator)
Primer Dia en Las Uvas (First Day in Grapes) tells the story of Chico, a young boy and his family, migrant workers who move up and down the state of California. Every September they pick grapes and Chico starts a new school. Often Chico gets picked on because he’s always “the new kid” and because he speaks Spanish sometimes. The story focuses on Chico’s first day of third grade at a new school- things are a little different this time. Chico learns to be proud of his abilities in math and to stand up for himself when some other students bully him and make fun of his heritage. Originally written in English.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  Quien Es de Aqui?
Margy Burns Knight (Author), Anne Sibley O’Brien (Illustrator), Clarita Kohen (Adapter)
Who Belongs Here? tells the story of Nary, a young boy fleeing war-torn Cambodia for the safety of the U.S. To some of his new classmates, however, he is a 'chink' who should go back where he belongs. But what if everyone whose family came from another place was forced to return to his or her homeland? Who would be left? This story teaches compassion for refugees while sharing the history of immigration to the U.S. and some of the important contributions made by past immigrants.
[Grade Level: 3 - 6]
  The Rabbits’ Wedding
Written and Illustrated by
Garth Williams
The reissue version of this 1950s classic tells the sweet story of two little rabbits who plan a wedding and live “happily ever after in the friendly forest.” It became the subject of controversy because it dealt with the marriage of a black to a white rabbit, and was removed from circulation in some locales for promoting racial integration. Though the book was never intended to be about race (Williams created rabbits of different colors so his young readers could tell the two apart), it can be used to normalize and celebrate interracial relationships.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 2]
  Rag Coat
Written by
Lauren A. Mills
A young girl proudly wears her new coat made of clothing scraps and tells her classmates the stories behind each piece of fabric.
[Grade Level: K - 3]
  The Recess Queen
Written by
Alexia O'Neill
Mean Jean is the playground bully. All of the children are fearful of her. When a new student, Katie Sue, comes to school, she unknowingly does all of the things that Mean Jean forbids. When Mean Jean attempts to set the record straight, Katie Sue pulls out a jump rope and asks Mean Jean to play with her. She does, and the social environment of the playground is improved for everyone.
[Grade Level: Pre-K - 2]
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