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Dimensions: A Journal of Holocaust Studies
Published by the Anti-Defamation League's Braun Holocaust Institute
Selected Dimensions articles (by category)
  • Science and the Holocaust

  • Business and the Holocaust

  • Contemporary Society and the Holocaust

  • Religion and the Holocaust
  • International Politics and the Holocaust

    Science and the Holocaust

    • Nazi Medicine and Public Health Policy
      It is poor scholarship and perhaps even dangerous to caricature the Nazis as irrational or anti-science. What we have to look at more carefully is the relationship between science and ideology at this time.

    • Medicine and Murder in the Third Reich
      The medical professions of Germany and Austria, including academic medicine, played a critical role in the evolution of Nazism's programs of human destruction, programs that culminated in genocide and the exploitation of the dead.

    • Morality and Memory
      Of all the horrors associated with the Holocaust, one of the most difficult to discuss with high school students is the collaboration of the German and Austrian medical professions with the Nazi regime
    Business and the Holocaust

    • German Industry and the Third Reich: Fifty Years of Forgetting and Remembering
      The great majority of German businessmen behaved in a decidedly unheroic manner during the Nazi era. Most of them, especially leaders of larger companies, not only refrained from risking their lives to save Jews, but actually profited from the use of forced and slave labor, the "Aryanization" of Jewish property, and the plundering of companies in Nazi-occupied Europe.

    • The Ford Motor Company and the Third Reich
      To what extent -- if any -- and in what ways, did Ford in Germany cooperate with the Nazi regime? And, if it did, what motivated such cooperation: racist ideology, or a concern for corporate profitability?

    • Frederick Flick's Opportunism and Expediency
      Friedrich Flick, the principal shareholder of the German industrial conglomerate Flick KG was convicted in 1947 for the  behavior of his business during the Nazi years. The profit motive and maintaining a competitive edge dictated Flick's behavior. He could not afford to cling to moral standards by refusing to support the regime or by declining to take advantage of opportunities it created.

    • Big Business and the Holocaust
      For teachers, classroom scrutiny of the relationship between business and industry and the Nazi regime provides a way to encourage students to reflect on distinctly unsettling conduct and beliefs.
    Contemporary Society and the Holocaust
    • Deniers, Relativists, and Pseudo-Scholarship
      Holocaust denial should not be seen as an assault on the history of one particular group. It repudiates reasoned discussion, the way the Holocaust, itself, engulfed all civilization. Its attack on Jewish history is, like anti-Semitism, an attack on the most basic values of a reasoned society.

    • Mainstreaming Neo-Nazism
      Like pornography, the acquisition of racist materials is similarly facilitated by the new conveniences of the Internet.
    Religion and the Holocaust
    • The Role of Churches: Compliance and Confrontation
      Churches throughout Europe were mostly silent while Jews were persecuted, deported and murdered by the Nazis.  Churches, especially those  in Nazi Germany, sought to act, as institutions tend to do, in their own best interests -- narrowly defined, short-sighted interests.
    International Politics and the Holocaust
    • Co-Opting Nazi Germany: Neutrality in Europe During World War II
      It is time for Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain to acknowledge that there were no truly neutral countries on the European continent during World War II. It is now time for those four nations to acknowledge that they were part of the Nazis' New Order and that they bear some responsibility for the tragic history of the Thirties and Forties.

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