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Responding to Campus Bigotry
Taking Action Against Hate
Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents
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Responding to Bigotry and Intergroup Strife on Campus:
Guide for College and University Administrators RULE
Effective Intervention to Deal with Hate on Campus

Administrators, faculty, staff and students have an important responsibility to establish and maintain a tone of civility on campus by demanding and enforcing a policy of zero tolerance toward all bigotry. If they send mixed or muddled messages, some will see this as tacit approval and even as license to engage in such behavior.

When a problem occurs, it is essential to:

  • Identify and define the campus problem, troublesome situation or concern.

  • Collect data and study the problem or situation.

  • Decide what needs to be changed, what can be changed and how it might be changed.

  • Establish clear goals and objectives for change.

  • Formulate a plan on how to proceed.

  • Take timely action based on a plan (i.e. intervention).

  • Monitor progress and determine if the intervention is achieving desired goals and objectives and, if necessary, modify the plan and try again.

Once goals and objectives have been reached, conclude the intervention and evaluate the process to learn for future contingencies.

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Campus Presidents/ Senior Administrators Speak Out to Oppose Hate on Campus
Emory University

Given the hateful and repugnant character of [Khalid] Muhammad's utterances elsewhere, and the emotions that he arouses, I have grave doubts that his visit will serve any useful educational purpose... I believe that we must not let the event go forward... we have every reason to believe from his recent utterances elsewhere that the content will be factually untrue and have no academic or scholarly substance, and that he should not be given a forum at Emory.

Interim President Billy E. Frye regarding cancellation of Khalid Abdul Muhammad's appearance on the campus.

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