Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid


Mr. Carter's book ignores several basic facts

  • In 2000 at Camp David, Israel supported the creation of a Palestinian state, withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and elected Ehud Olmert in 2006 on a platform to withdraw from much of the West Bank.

  • In exchange for Israelís steps toward peace, it got in return Palestinian terrorism and suicide bombings, the election of Hamas - a terrorist organization committed to Israelís destruction - and the launching of rockets into southern Israel.

  • Supporters of Israel in America express their democratic right to advocate on behalf of the only democracy in the region; however the Jewish lobby does not determine US policy. The American people and their representatives understand the importance of having a democratic ally and a proponent for peace in the Middle East Ė that is why the US supports Israel.

  • There is, in fact, a full-blown discussion in America, in the media, in politics and on campuses concerning US policy. The notion that intimidation prevents this is merely one more conspiracy theory.

  • The Palestinians are the ones who suffer from the kind of one-sided presentation made by Mr. Carter because it reinforces their illusions that they do not have to change - all the pressure will fall on Israel.

If only former President Carter would spend a fraction of his time and energy on getting the Palestinians to abandon their self-destructive policies, maybe then there could be some hope for the people of the Middle East.

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