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Children of the Holocaust Discussion Guide

Until recently, the story of the children of the Holocaust was rarely told. This on-line guide recounts the war-time experiences of three child survivors: 5-year-old Lili, who was separated from her family and hidden in a convent; 7-year-old Krystyna, who lived for 14 months in a sewer, never seeing the light of day; and 14-year-old Alexander, who learned about death on a fateful day in the ghetto. These survivors speak for their friends and siblings -- the one-and-a-half million children who were murdered during the Holocaust.

Lili Silberman and brother, Charles, with their mother in Brussels before going into hiding. Beyond Secret Tears
I was 4 years old and my brother was 5-1/2 years old when we were first separated from our parents and placed in a Protestant orphanage in Belgium. I was a depressed and confused child, but with the passing of time, I began to believe that all children lived away from their parents.
Krystyna's Story
When Daddy found out that there would be a liquidation of the Ghetto, we hid in the cellar. I was 7 years old then and I knew about everything. Later we headed for the sewer. It was very wet and dark.
Krystyna and Pawelek Chiger together in 1941.
My First Kaddish
At lunch time, I sat at the roadside with Willy, the other Jewish carpenter. A passing Ukrainian peasant warned, "They are killing the Jews in town. Why aren't you boys hiding?"
     "Killing Jews? What are you saying?" I asked in disbelief.
     "Look, there," he said, "see for yourself."
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