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Children of the Holocaust Discussion Guide
After Reading

Allow plenty of time for students to discuss how they feel after reading the stories. Have students briefly summarize the three stories and have them share the data noted in their logs. Make sure they include the significant facts of each story. Ask students:

  • Despite differences in age, what features did Krystyna, Lili and Alexander share in common?
  • How did each child attempt to cope with his or her circumstances and the problems he or she faced?
  • Does being hidden away from one's family make a difference in how each child coped?
  • What do you think was crucial to the survival of each child?

Although these stories are about children in extreme circumstances, many of the attitudes and behaviors discussed have some relevance to how students "problem solve" in general. Have students discuss "what works for them" and what behaviors and attitudes have contributed to their own successes and failures.

The discussions arising out of these readings are meant to be open-ended. However, students must be willing to support their conclusions with evidence or examples.

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