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As an organization with a long and proud tradition of defending civil liberties for all, ADL has in recent years taken a lead role in exposing the virulent anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric that has risen to the surface as part of the national debate over immigration.  ADL speaks out against discrimination and bigotry and advocates a meaningful and substantive policy that honors America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.

The League has:
  • Shined light on the atmosphere of hate that has surrounded the debate among right-wing extremists and anti-immigration groups;
  • Issued reports on the co-opting of the issue by extremists and hatemongers;
  • Opposed policies that are discriminatory or encourage racial profiling;
  • Encouraged relationships between the immigrant community and local law enforcement;
  • Advocated for comprehensive immigration reform;
  • Partnered with Hispanic and other immigrant groups at the local and national levels;
  • Re-issued A Nation of Immigrants, John F. Kennedy’s classic essay celebrating the immigrant experience in America.
The following is a reference guide to ADL’s reports and online resources:


Arizona: The Key Players in the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Rally in Support of Arizona’s New Immigration Law Will Feature Extreme Elements of the Anti-Immigrant Movement (2010)

Border Vigilante Leader and Two Others Charged with Murder of Arizona Man and Nine Year-Old Daughter (2009)

White Supremacists Promote ALIPAC and Take Action on its Behalf (2009)

Brenda Walker and Dan Amato Inject Anti-Immigrant Fervor into the Blogosphere (2009)

California Anti-Immigrant Leader Joe Turner Begins Job for San Bernardino County (2009)

North Carolina Anti-Immigrant Leader William Gheen Seeks National Prominence (2009)

Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream (Updated, September 2008)

The Ku Klux Klan Rebounds With New Focus on Immigration (2007)

Extremists Declare ‘Open Season’ on Immigrants; Hispanics Target of Incitement and Violence (2006)

Anti-Hispanic Video Games Spread On Internet (2006)

Racist Groups Exploit Immigration Issues in Effort to Promote Anti-Hispanic Agenda (2005)

Neo-Nazi Leads Recruitment Drive For New Border Militia (2004)

Armed Anti-Immigration Groups in Arizona Share Ties to White Supremacists (2003)


ADL’s amicus brief in the 9th Circuit case U.S. v. Arizona

ADL Files Brief Opposing 'Misguided' Arizona Immigration Law (6/22/10)

ADL Urges Appeals Court To Hold Hazleton Anti-Immigrant Ordinance Unconstitutional (4/22/08)

Hazleton Illegal Immigration Ordinance Overturned (7/26/07)


ADL Remarks: Press Conference on Arizona Immigration Bill (4/23/10)

Senator Kennedy Issues Call For Meaningful Immigration Reform (5/1/07)

The Immigration Debate: Extremists on the Attack
Remarks by Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director (4/24/06)

Remarks by Cecilia Muñoz, Vice President for Public Policy, National Council of La Raza (4/24/06)


ADL Adopts Resolution to Oppose Lawmakers' Efforts to Deny 14th Amendment Citizenship Rights (02/14/11)

Resolution Citing Fair Treatment of Immigrants Passed by California State Legislature (08/30/07)

L.A. Area Organizations Issue Declaration For Human Rights For Immigrants (12/13/06)

ADL Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (2/15/06)

Resolution on Immigration and the Role of Local Law Enforcement (2/8/03)

Dangers of Ethnic Profiling and the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Video of Deborah Lauter, ADL Civil Rights Director, speaking about the dangers of ethnic profiling and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Codewords of Hate
In this 2008 video produced by the National Council of La Raza, ADL's Stacy Burdett discusses the how some media commentators, pundits and others have fueled the scapegoating and demonizing of immigrants, and particularly Hispanics, as part of the national debate over immigration reform. View Video



ADL Says Supreme Court Decision on Harsh Arizona Immigration Law Leaves ‘Troubling Provision’ in Place (6/25/12)

ADL Welcomes President Obama's Immigration Policy Change Protecting Young Undocumented Immigrants From Deportation (6/15/12)

Supreme Court Arguments Highlight Flaws in Arizona Immigration Law; ADL Calls On Senate to Revisit Comprehensive Reform (4/25/12)

ADL to Supreme Court: Arizona Immigration Law is Unconstitutional (3/27/12)

ADL Applauds Court Decision to Delay Implementation of Controversial Provisions in Georgia Immigration Law (6/27/11)

ADL Hails House Passage Of Dream Act; Urges Senate Action (12/10/10)

ADL: Arizona Employment Law Could Foster Discrimination Against Immigrants (9/13/10)

ADL Welcomes Decision Blocking Key Provisions of Arizona Immigration Law (7/28/10)

ADL Decries Neo-Nazi Patrols, Lack of Community Outrage (7/20/10)

ADL Files Brief Opposing 'Misguided' Arizona Immigration Law (6/22/10)

ADL Laments Arizona Governor Brewer's Decision to Sign SB 1070 into Law (4/23/10)

ADL Welcomes Guilty Verdict in Long Island Hate Crime Case (4/19/10)

ADL Denounces Sheriff's Choice of Kris Kobach to Train Deputies on Immigration Law (2/9/10)

ADL Welcomes Federal Indictment in Shenandoah Hate Crime Case (12/15/09)

ADL Offers Recommendations to Counter Anti-Immigrant Atmosphere in Suffolk County (9/10/09)

ADL Urges Justice Department to Prosecute Shenandoah Hate Crime (5/13/09)

ADL Condemns Demonizing of Mexicans for Swine Flu Outbreak (5/1/09)



Huddled Mass or Second Class? Challenging Anti-Immigrant Bias in the U.S.

A Nation of Immigrants Discussion Guide


Is the DREAM Act Good Policy? (12/6/10)

Be Civil About Immigration (5/28/10)

Swine Flu and the Hate Virus (5/17/09)

Leave Hateful Rhetoric Out of Immigration Discussion (12/12/08)


The Flu's Effect on Immigrants (NY Times, 5/5/09)

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