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ADL Urges Justice Department to Prosecute Shenandoah Hate Crime (5/13/09)

ADL Condemns Demonizing of Mexicans for Swine Flu Outbreak (5/1/09)

MALDEF Honors ADL For Efforts To Combat Bigotry (3/3/09)

ADL Condemns Murder Of Ecuadorean Man In Brazen Attack In Brooklyn (12/9/08)

Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Condemn Rash of Hate Crimes (11/24/08)

ADL Condemns Murder Of Hispanic Man In Apparent L.I. Hate Crime (11/10/08)

Shenandoah Murder Did Not Occur in a Vacuum (op-ed, 8/7/08)

ADL Decries Killing of Undocumented Immigrant in Shenandoah (7/29/08)

ADL Urges Justice Department to Probe Racial Profiling in Arizona (4/15/08)

ADL Decries Rep. Bruce Comments Calling Foreign Workers 'Illiterate Peasants' (4/22/08)

Phoenix Police Chief Applauded On Immigration Enforcement (12/18/07)

Candidates Urged To Keep Debate On Immigration Policy "Respectful" (12/17/07)

Anti-Hispanic NJ Election Fliers Condemned (6/14/07)

Bipartisan Agreement on Immigration Reform Welcomed (5/18/07)

Attempted Arson at Maryland Immigrant Center Decried (5/7/07)

Anti-Latino Hate Crime in South Boston Condemned (4/5/07)

Beating and Assault of Hispanic Teen A Hate Crime (4/27/06)

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