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Translations of “Classics” from the Anti-Semitic Western Literature

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The International Jew by Henry Ford

The International Jew, Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic tract, later renounced by him, was, along with the Protocols, the source of inspiration for the English-language pamphlet entitled Israel, the Enemy of Africa. The pamphlet was released in January 1965, during the Nasser regime, by the government information department in Cairo, and distributed in great numbers in the English-speaking countries of Africa. The authors of the pamphlet cite directly the Protocols, and Ford’s The International Jew, and on the basis of these authorities denounce the Jewish faith and describe all the Jews as cheats, thieves and murderers. (12)

In May – June 1984 the original text of The International Jew, with an introductory note derived from the writings of the well-known Jew-baiter Gerald L. K. Smith, was serialized in the widely circulated English-language Saudi Gazette, published in Jeddah (13)

Published by: Dar al-Fadila, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: 2001
Translated by: Ali al-Jawhari

Excerpt from the translator’s introductory note:

    “The story of this book is a remarkable one, which in itself mirrors the theme of the book. The well-known American capitalist and industrial Henry Ford instructed a team of American researchers to write a book on Jews in America. Henry Ford himself had suffered directly from Jewish machinations and their taking advantage of their influence in America. When Henry Ford became aware and convinced of the Jewish schemes aimed at disowning him of his company, he right away took action against them. In doing so, he not only defended his own company, he defended the American homeland.” (pp. 5 –6).

12 - Bernard Lewis, Semites and Anti-Semites, pp. 210-211.
13 - Ibid., p. 211.
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