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Literature Based on Mixed Sources -
The Jewish scheme for world domination

Israel – a State Created by Intelligence Services

Literature Based on Mixed Sources
•    Jewish scheme for world domination
•    Spreading hate against the Jews and denying their rights over the Land of Israel
Classic Blood Libel
•    Zionism as a racist movement


Published by: Dar al-Ahmadi lil-Nashr, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: 2002
The author: Tareq Fawzi

The book seeks “to prove” that many of the events that take place in the world are nothing but a Jewish conspiracy, and that the Jews’ objective is to dominate the world. Following is the author’s dedication to his son:

“My son Sayf al-Din, I dedicate my work to you, so that you will learn, when you grow up, to hate them as much as your father hates them… and maybe you will be fortunate enough to realize that hating them is an honor that they do not deserve.

Your father Tareq” (pg 5)

Excerpt from the book’s introduction:

“Unbiased reading of Jewish history throughout the centuries confirms that the State of Israel is the artifact of Jewish intelligence systems. The Jews have digressed in their judgment, revealed their hatred of human kind, scattered the seeds of corruption upon the earth and propagated everything that is illegal. The purpose of this was to allow them to erect all their worldly estates, because in their opinion all the non-Jews are animals” (p. 7).

“They [the Jews] pursue their violent practice against humanity, in anticipation of their Messiah. Let their Messiah come…and the reins of power will return into the hands of the Jews, and all nations will serve that Messiah and be subjected to him. When that time will come, every Jew will have 2800 slaves to serve him” (p. 7).

The book’s second chapter is titled “Espionage throughout history – the doings of the Jews”. It depicts the Israelites in Egypt as a fifth column, Moses as a murderer of women and children, and Joshua son of Nun as a preacher of ethnic cleansing. The fifth chapter, titled “The Israeli intelligence and achieving Jewish control over the world”, addresses issues such as biological extermination of the Arabs, Israeli espionage in international financial institutions and the activities of Israel’s “Mossad” in the Vatican.

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