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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - An Egyptian Version
The Jewish Threat –The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Examples From Arab Countries and Iran
•    Egypt
•    Jordan
•    Palestinian Authority
•    Lebanon
•    Syria
•    Iran


Published by: Dar al-Turath, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: NA.
The introductory note by the translator Muhammad Khalifa al-Tunisi is from 1976.
The foreword to the book was written by Abbas Mahmud al-Aqqad, who also prefaced previous editions published in Egypt.

Excerpt from the introductory note by the translator Muhammad Khalifa al-Tunisi:

    “The Jewish threat is an evil which affects not only our country, but all the countries and nations of the world. We have no choice but to remain fully alert towards its machinations, and persevere in our holy war (jihad) against it, as best as we can. We warn against it, for it is a satanic force, which strives to corrupt the nations of the world and spread hostility and hatred among people both as individuals and groups. Their purpose is to gain sole control over the world and take advantage of all that is valuable in it” (p. 12).

A Updated Version

Published by: Maktabat al-Iman, al-Mansura, near al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: 1994

Excerpt from the notes to the Arabic translation:

    “To the Reader: Watch over this copy of the book, because the Jews have waged war against this book whenever and wherever it appeared, and in whatever language. They were prepared to spend any amount of money in order to gather its copies and burn them, so as to conceal from the world their satanic schemes plotted against us, which are revealed in all their abomination in this book.” (p. 6).

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Arab TV Satirizes Sharon With Blood Libel
Sharon Drinking Blood of Arabs
In an example of the gross anti-Semitism pervading segments of Arab society, Abu Dhabi Television depicted Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drinking the blood of Arabs. More>>
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