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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - A Jordanian version

Examples From Arab Countries and Iran
•    Egypt
•    Jordan
•    Palestinian Authority
•    Lebanon
•    Syria
•    Iran


Published by: Dar al-Jalil lil-Nashr, Amman, Jordan
Year Published: 1984

Excerpts from the introduction written by Ajaj Nuwayhid:

    “The book deals from its beginning to its end with one subject: revealing the true nature of “world Jewry”, in the hands of which Zionism and the Freemasons are but a few of the tools… as well as uncovering the secret intentions of world Jewry, for whom “Israel” is the outstretched glove, or the first step. World Jewry is a satanic force operating as a secret organization, and at the same time an unclear phenomenon. It compares itself to a snake, which operates according to a scheme consisting of nine stages, planned so as to attain the goal” (pp. 5-6).

    “…they [the Jews] are the most skilled thieves in the world. They excel at using cunning tricks while performing their acts of robbery, such as breaking through walls, melting iron locks, performing nightly acrobatics, moving swiftly from one place to another, using guns to avert surprises… [however] even when they succeed in getting away, they cannot evade leaving behind traces that will eventually lead to revealing their crime…” (p. 7).

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