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Anti-Semitic and Anti-Jewish Literature with Islamic Roots

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The Muslim world is witnessing an unprecedented wealth of literuature with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli arguments based on Muslim thought and the Koran

This extremist literature argues that the Jews, who in the past were the greatest enemies of Prophet Muhammad, have resumed their role and are today the greatest enemies of modern Islam. They indeed believe that, just as the defeat and slaughter of the Jews of the Arab world by Prophet Muhammad helped promote the rise of Islam and its conquests, the annihilation of Israel will bring into being the new Golden Era of contemporary Islam. (14)

Egypt: Booklets for children with anti-Semitic illustrations

The Wars of the Prophet: the War against Bani Qainuqa

The Bani Qainuqa was a Jewish tribe that dwelt in the town of Medina (in the Arabian Peninsula) and was expelled by Muhammad. The wars led by Muhammad against the Jews of Medina ended in their defeat and destruction.

Published by: Yanabi’, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: not available
The author: Mas’ud Sabri
Excerpts from the booklet (there are no page numbers):

    “When the Prophet, peace be upon him, arrived in al-Medina, he signed a pact with the Jews in order that all should live in peace and security. But the Jews are forever and everywhere Jews, they do not wish any good to the Muslims, and yearn to exile them from their land.”

    “The Jews did not resign themselves, they persistently attempted to spread hate among the Muslims, they looked down on the verses of Allah [the Quran] and the Muslims.”

    “The only way to eliminate the Jews is through Holy War (jihad) for the sake of Allah, because they are the most villainous among Allah’s creatures. They will by no means leave the al-Aqsa mosque, unless Holy War (jihad) [is waged against them] for the sake of Allah.”

The Wars of the Prophet: the War against Bani Nadhir

Bani Nadhir was another Jewish tribe that dwelt in the town of Medina and was expelled from it by Muhammad

Published by: Yanabi’, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: not available
The author: Mas’ud Sabri

An illustration (above) aimed at instilling into the children's minds the stereotype of the greedy and treacherous Jew: one of the Jew’s hands is tucked inside the money purse and the other hides a dagger behind his back

Excerpt from the booklet (no page number):

    “The Jews of al-Madinah rejoiced about the outcome for the Muslims of the battle of Uhud [where the Muslims suffered extensive losses]. They showed hostility and hate against the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his allies. In addition, they made contact with the infidels in Mecca and planned together with them to murder the Prophet, peace be upon him, although the Prophet, peace be upon him, had signed agreements with them… But the Jews are forever treacherous. For them there are no commitments and no agreements. The wickedness of the Jews – may Allah’s curse be upon them – grew in force, when they made up their mind to murder the Prophet. But Allah rescued his Prophet, peace be upon him.”

Islam and the Palestinian Problem

Published by: Dar al-Salam, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: 2001
The author: Dr. Abdallah Nasih Alwan

Excerpts from the book:

    “No other nation in ancient and modern times has carried the banner of fraud, evil and treachery as has the Jewish nation. No other human race throughout history or from anywhere in the world has acted in such a cruel and corrupt manner and provoked such conflicts between nations as has the Jewish race.” (pp. 23-24).

    “… [in] their [the Jews’] machinations in present times, at the beginning of the 14th century after hijrah [the Prophet’s journey from Mecca to Madinah], the Jews – may Allah’s curse rest upon them – have been using devious ways of conspiracy and deceit in order to achieve their aspirations and carry out their plans of establishing their rule over the world, and take control of the world’s core powers. They are targeting three main objectives…”

    · “… the first objective: spreading dissent among the nations…”

    · “… the second objective: corrupting the faiths of the nations…”

    ·“… the third objective: founding the State of Israel, with Palestine as its center, and stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile.” (p. 36).

Dialogue with a Jew – the Roots of Enmity and the Delusion of Peace

Published by: Dar al-Tawzi’ wa-al-Nashr al-Islamiyah, Cairo, Egypt

Year Published: 2002 (first issue)

The author: Fathi Fawzi Abdel Mu’ti

This book is a polemic built in the form of a dialogue between a Jew and an Arab. The Arab uses quotations from the Quran, the Old Testament, the Talmud and history in order to “demonstrate” to the Jew the despicable and murderous nature of Judaism, and Israel, its creation.

Justifying the murder of Jews by Palestinians :

One of the book’s highlights is the chapter titled “The murderers of prophets” (pp. 138-151) in which the Jew tells his Arab interlocutor about a Palestinian fighter (fida’i) who blew himself up in a Tel Aviv market by means of a suicide belt. As a result, seven people were killed and 20 others injured (pp. 138-139). The Arab relates to the terrorist as a hero and justifies the suicide act. When asked whether he agrees to the killing of innocent Jews, the Arab replies (p. 141):

    “Why, by all means, I am in favor of such acts, because murder belongs to the laws of your religion… you are the ones who started [murdering] when you plundered land that does not belong to you, a country that is not your country. Moses ’ laws prohibited murder, God’s instructions [the ten commandments] to you [were] “thou shalt not kill”… However, you have adopted the rulings of the Talmud, which allows you to shed the blood of your fellowmen who are not Jews, as if God only created your world…”

The editor’s notes on the book’s cover:

    “Palestine, the Land of promise,
    The Jews who built the pyramids,
    The Jews, God’s chosen people.”

    “The author deals with a great many topics in an enlightening dialogue held with a Jew. He uncovers the misrepresentations of the Bible by the Jews on subjects such as the alleged Temple, the al-Aqsa mosque, the Dome of the Rock, and the false allegations made by the Jews, the massacres of Muslims by Jews, and their black history throughout generations.”

    “During an extensive sequence of sessions, the author replies to the Jews, responding to their allegations, their views, their delusions, their distortions, their hypocrisy and their lies.”

    “May the curse of Allah fall on the heads of the Jews, [may He] grant us victory over them and restore our Holy Places!”

    “Amen, so be it!”

Zionism – a Black File

Published by: Munsha’at al-Ma’aref, Cairo, Egypt
Year Published: 2001
The author: Halah Abdallah

Excerpts from the book:

    “This book uncovers the disgrace of the bizarre Zionist principles adopted by a people infected with the disease of black hostility…” (Excerpt from the notes on the book’s back cover).

    “First Chapter: A glance at the Jews through the eyes of the Quran”: “Jewish characteristics: disloyalty, breaching promises, killing prophets, intransigence, Bible distortion, practice of magic and associating with demons and Satan, spreading false rumors, extreme dislike of Islam and the Muslims, killing prophets, improper behavior towards Allah, premeditated murder of religious preachers – all these are negative features that characterize the children of Israel. These features are mentioned in many chapters (suras) of the Quran.” (p. 11). The above opening tirade is then followed by quotations from the Quran…

    “Second Chapter: Jewish beliefs”: “The Jews are part of Allah…but the rest of the world descends from Satan… Paradise belongs to the Jews only, whereas all other creatures belong in hell – first in the lead being the adepts of Jesus, son of Maria, and next in line the Muslims.” (pp. 12-13).

    “Second Chapter: The nations in their [the Jews’] opinion”: “Dogs. The Holy Festivals are only there for the sake of Israel, and are not intended for strangers and dogs. They [the other nations] are not only dogs, they are also asses. The houses of the non-Jews are animals’ enclosures. They are in no way different from pigs. A woman who does not belong to Israel is a beast. Allah created in His image only the Jews… A Jew may steal from a stranger, and charge him usurious interest rates, but is prohibited from doing so to another Jew.” (p. 23).

The Prophet’s Campaigns against the Jews

Published by: Dar Ibn Hazm, Beirut, Lebanon
Year of publishing: 1997
The author Zuhair Shafiq al-Kabi, MA in Islamic studies.

This book is a modern version (and selective adaptation) of parts of the book Kitab al-Maghazi (Book of military campaigns) by the Muslim author al-Waqidi, which tells the story of the Muslim raids against the Jews during the first days of Islam. The author provides a pseudo-historical and pseudo-scientific description of the raids, depicting a distorted image of the Jews and their characteristics, based on selective quotations of verses of the Quran. The author claims that the Muslims defeated the Jews thanks to their skillful leadership, which was guided by Allah. The Jews are portrayed as having negative characteristics, inherent to their nature (treachery, insidiousness, deceit). The conflict between Muhammad and the Jews, as summarized in the final chapter of the book, is one “between truth and lie, between a religion which Allah wished to be the one defeating the others [and the Jewish religion], between a legitimate religion and a worthless religion, between one who has experienced wandering and found refuge in it after having been plagued by disobedience and impiety…” (p. 88).

The two last pages of the book, following the table of contents, refer to two new publications:

    “Why are the Jews cursed in the Quran and the Sunna” by Ahmad al-Hajj

    The Jews – History of Corruption and Immorality” by Dr. Tawfiq al-Wa’I

14 - Yossef Bodansky, Islamic Anti-Semitism, p. 8.

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