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Say Something

Say Something
by Peggy Moss, illustrated by Lea Lyon

SAY SOMETHING ©2004 by Margaret Paula Moss, published by Tilbury House. Cover illustration by Lea Lyon and reprinted with permission.

A young narrator describes different examples of bullying that she witnesses at school and on the bus, but remains silent. One day, when her friends are absent, she must sit alone in the cafeteria, and several students make jokes at her expense. In addition to feeling angry about being treated this way, the girl is frustrated with the other students who look on sympathetically but say nothing. She is then able to empathize with other victims. The next day, she approaches a quiet girl who is often teased and finds a new friend. Resources at the end of the book help parents and teachers to talk with children about teasing and bullying, and find ways to stop it at school.
2004, 32 pages, Grades 2-4, Tilbury House Publishers

National Standards (.pdf format -35 KB - requires Acrobat Reader)
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Questions for Discussion and Writing
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Suggestions from the Author, Peggy Moss
Extension Activities Click on the activities below for ideas on ways to increase awareness about bullying and encourage ally behavior.

  • In This Issue
  • Using Children's Literature to Increase Empathy and Help Students Cope with Bullying
  • Annotated Bibliography of Children's Fiction on Bullying
  • Statistics and Studies on Bullying
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  • The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake (grades 8 & up)
Extension Activities
  • Social Grouping Game
  • One Person, Many Roles
  • Being an Ally
  • Administer a Bullying Survey
  • Create an Online Forum
  • Sponsor a "Community Read"
  • Shades of Bias
  • Impressions
  • Seeing the World through Different Eyes
  • Using "Anchors" to Remain Grounded
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