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About this Issue
Remembering September 11th
Holocaust Survivors Reflect on September 11th
Teaching the Holocaust in an Age of Terror
Remembering and Commemorating September 11th
Glossary of Terms

Volume 16, No. 1/ Fall 2002   
Glossary of Terms

Atrocity savagely cruel acts toward enemy civilians or prisoners by a military force.
Catastrophe a momentous tragic event, ranging from extreme misfortune to utter overthrow or ruin; a sudden and widespread disaster.
Holocaust 1933-1945, the mass murder of Jews organized and implemented by the Nazis. Other groups such as Gypsies, handicapped, homosexuals, and Slavs were also persecuted and often murdered.
Kristallnacht (November Pogrom) literally, Night of Broken Glass, November 9-10, 1938, a pogrom ordered by the Nazis. Throughout Germany and Austria, synagogues, Jewish institutions and businesses were burned and destroyed. About 35,000 Jewish men were sent to concentration camps.
Memorial something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or periodic observance.
Monument something built or placed to commemorate a person, event, etc.
Night of the Long Nights June 30, 1934, arrests and assassinations of the leaders of the SA (the Brown Shirts), foremost the chief Ernst Roehm, by Hitler, the SS (the Black Shirts), and the Wehrmacht (German armed forces).
Pogrom state sponsored destruction and massacre of the Jews.
Yom HaShoah Day of Remembrance when memorial services commemorate the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Yom HaShoah 2003 is Tuesday, April 29th.

Dimensions Online
Volume 18, No. 1, Fall 2004
Yehuda Bauer

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Using Testimonies for Researching and Teaching about the Holocaust--Part II

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Volume 16, No. 1, Fall 2002
Remembrance and Commemoration of Two Catastrophes: September 11th and the Holocaust

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The Hidden Child Foundation®

The Hidden Child Foundation®
We hope to reach all former Hidden Children. As the last survivors, we must tell our tragic stories - for now and for the future, we must bear witness to the Holocaust

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