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Volume 17, No.1 / Spring 2003            
Using Testimonies for Researching and Teaching about the Holocaust
Writings of Nechama Tec - Intro

About Testimonies

Importance of Testimonies in Holocaust Education

Using Testimony in the Classroom

Recorded Testimonies of Survivors (1946)
Nechama Tec


Historical Background: Jews in Poland

Writings of Nechama Tec
  • Intro
  • Dry Tears (6th Grade - College)
      • Overview
      • Questions & Activities
Nechama Tec: Holocaust Survivor and Author Incorporates Testimony in her Research

Nechama Tec, a sociologist and Holocaust scholar, exemplifies how both written and oral testimonies can be integrated into research about the Holocaust. She has written her memoir Dry Tears dealing with her childhood and several monographs on resisters and rescuers during the Holocaust. With each of her publications she relies on a variety of sources:

    1. Published memoirs and diaries, written during and after World War II;
    2. Archival materials, published documents from German and Polish collections and unpublished testimonies of Jews and non-Jews, gathered at different times;
    3. Her own in-depth interviews of Holocaust survivors and rescuers.
Drawing from these diverse materials, Tec is careful to verify by consulting "external checks." As she explains in a recent article article on her methodology:

    Findings can also be validated through external checks. This calls for independent outside confirmation of facts from several independent sources about similar events. The greater the number of sources that offer similar information, the more we believe in the trustworthiness of the particular data. If, for example, we have ten different sources and five of them consistently give the same information, but the other five offer varied answers, we tend to assume that the consistently stated responses come closest to what had actually happened.
      (Nechama Tec, "Diaries and Oral History: Some Methodological Considerations." Religion and the Arts, 4.1 (2000): 90.)

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