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Volume 18, No.2 / Winter 2005            
Yehuda Bauer: Teaching about the Holocaust (Part 2)

Section 1
Highlights of Yehuda Bauer's Thoughts about the Holocaust
Stories of Jewish Rescuers’ Negotiations with the Nazis
Section 2
Classroom Applications
First Issue

This is the second of two issues of Dimensions Online highlighting the life of Dr. Yehuda Bauer and his work over the last four decades. His research and methodology are incorporated in A History of the Holocaust, Revised Edition. Also found in his History are ideas for the themes, documents and maps that are essential for teaching about the Holocaust.

This issue is also divided into two sections:
    I. Stories of Jewish Rescuers who Negotiated with the Nazis

    II. Classroom Applications Integrating Yehuda Bauer’s Materials and Methodology

The first issue also has two principal sections:
    I. An Introduction to Dr. Bauer focusing on his latest publication A History of the Holocaust (Revised Edition)

    II. A Portrait of the historian Yehuda Bauer

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The Hidden Child Foundation®
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