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Volume 19, Fall 2006           
Nuremberg Trials 60th Anniversary

Section 1
Background and Preparation for the Nuremberg Trials
Section 2
Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal
Section 3
Twelve Subsequent Trials

The main sections of the next two issues of Dimensions Online are the following:
  • What was Nuremberg?

  • What was the first Nuremberg Trial, the International Military Tribunal?

  • What were the Subsequent Twelve Nuremberg Trials also conducted at Nuremberg?

  • What are activities teachers can do to help students gain insights into the significance of these trials?

  • What are contemporary applications of the precedents set at the Nuremberg Trials?

  • What are key books, websites, and articles that will familiarize teachers and students with the complexities and significance of the Nuremberg Trials and the current use of International Law in dealing with genocide and mass murder.
The first issue will focus on the background and preparation for the Nuremberg Trials.

The second issue which consists of two parts. The first part will take a closer look at the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal and the second part will examine the Twelve Subsequent Trials also known as the Nuremberg Military Trials.

Essential questions to be addressed in both issues are the following:
  • Why should the Nuremberg Trials be a required part of high school and college education? In particular, consider how the study of the trials is relevant to character education, especially the role of civic responsibility.

  • What precedents were set by these trials for international tribunals in the 1990s and early 21st century?

  • What are the legacies of Nuremberg in the late 20th and early 21st centuries?

  • What have we learned about international law in the six decades since Nuremberg?

  • How can the lessons of Nuremberg be brought into the high school and college classroom?

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