Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian Media:
Update Spring 1998 - Spring 1999

Jews as World Dominators
Jews as Evildoers
Holocaust/World War II Revisionism

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Jews as World Dominators
  • Al-Akhbar, May 9, 1999 "The Judaization of the American Foreign Ministry"
    "In the framework of the cooperation between the Jewish Lobby and Israel on the one hand and the mechanisms of decision making in Washington, the United States judaized the American Foreign Ministry which has been a balancing factor in leading the American politics."

  • Egyptian Gazette, March 9, 1999 "Zionist Lobby Serves American Agenda"
    Dr. Abd El-Wahab El-Meseiri, author of the newly published eight volume anti-Semitic encyclopedia "Jews, Judaism, and Zionism" (for which he won first prize at the Egypt book fair) is praised, stating, "...many [Egyptians] are forced to try and learn more about the enemy [Israeli Jews] through careful study, which enhances the ability to deal with their weaknesses and fortes on an equal footing...the encyclopedia entitled, 'Jews, Judaism and Zionism' is of utmost importance." A full-page interview with el-Meseiri is also printed.

  • Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, September 26, 1998 (A summary of the article also appeared in Al-Ahram International Edition)
    A compilation of the "investigative" work of four reporters on Jewish control of the world states that Jews have become the political decision-makers and control the media in most capitals of the world (Washington, Paris, London, Berlin, Athens, Ankara) and says that the main apparatus for the Jews to control the world is the international Jewish lobby which works for Israel.

  • Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, August 29, 1998 (article by Amrar Sultan)
    Jews are accused of having bombed the Balkans when the Kosovo crisis threatened to result in a total war in the Balkans. "Reliable sources are quoted" in saying that the Jewish lobby played a central role in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia in order to divert attention from Israel's policy against the Palestinians.

  • Al-Ahram, November 14, 1998
    "The Jews have been behind all the wars and their goal was corruption and destruction. This is their means of getting rich quick after wars."

  • Al-Ahram, May 13, 1998 (article by Salama Ahmed Salama quoting Dr. Abed Wahab Masiri)
    "There is a great Jewish plot to gain control of the world."

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