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Classic Anti-Semitic Stereotypes

Republishing a Known Anti-Semitic Forgery

"A great danger threatens the United States of America. This great danger is the Jew…For more than 1,700 years they have lamented their sorrowful state, namely that they have been driven out of their motherland, but, gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine, and their property, they would immediately find pressing reasons why they could not return there. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires cannot live on other vampires… They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race."

"If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within at least 100 years, they shall stream into this country in such numbers that they shall rule and destroy us and change our form of government for which we Americans shed our blood and sacrificed our lives, property, and personal freedom." "If the Jews are not excluded within 200 years, our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews while they remain in the counting houses, gleefully rubbing their hands..."

    From an article in the government weekly, Akher Sa'a, on January 9, 2002. The article by Salah Al-Din Hilmi, entitled ,"The Jews are Bloodsuckers and Will Yet Conquer America," included excerpts and a photocopy of a forged document that Hilmi claimed is kept at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The forged document is actually the invention of William Dudley Pelley, an American Nazi sympathizer, who published an account of the "speech" in 1934. It alleges that Benjamin Franklin made comments against Jewish immigration to the United States during a recess in the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1789 [the convention was actually held two years earlier]. The so-called "Franklin Prophecy" has long been entrenched in the lore of American and European Jew-hatred and has in recent years appeared in the Arab and Muslim world. 2
Israel: "The Plague of Our Time."

"What exactly do the Jews want?! Read what the Ninth Protocol of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" says: 'We have limitless ambitions, inexhaustible greed, merciless vengeance, and hatred beyond imagination. We are a secret army whose plans are impossible to understand by using honest methods. Cunning is our approach, mystery is our way. [The way] of the 'Free Masons,' in which we believe, can not be understood by those among the gentiles who are stupid pigs..."'

"The ultimate goal of the 'Free Masons' is to destroy the world and to build it anew according to the Zionist policy so that the Jews can control the world... and destroy the [world's] religions. Their goal is that there won't be any other religion but the religion of Moses, no other law but that of Moses, and no other book except for the Torah..."

"For them, all people are beasts and cattle created for them to ride and govern. These are the gentiles, a riffraff which God has created for them [the Jews] so they could lead them, exploit them, and suck their blood." "The destruction of the Church, the destruction of the Papacy, the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the destruction of the Dome of the Rock, the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, are all [a part of] their goals and dreams. The Jewish Karl Marx using his Communism and Marxism...actually destroyed the Church in Eastern Europe."

"Israel is the real problem, she is the radical, she is racism, and she is the religious blindness. Israel is the plague of our time...and a terrorist state."

    Al-Ahram, government daily, June 23, 2001 by columnist Mustafa Mahmud titled "Israel - the Plague of Our Time and a Terrorist State." 2
"Lies and Deceit are Not Foreign to Jews"

"Lies and deceit are not foreign to Jews. The best evidence that Jews go back on their word is their denial of the principles on which they signed in the Oslo Accords and the Madrid and Sharon agreements. For this reason, Allah changed their shape and made them into monkeys and pigs."

    Al-Akhbar Internet, government sponsored newspaper, May 5, 2001 1

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1 The Coordinating Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism, "Anti-Semitic Expressions in the Arab Media," Collection 02/2001

2 The Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI) Arab Anti-Semitism Documentation Project ©

All caricatures provided courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute's (MEMRI) Arab Anti-Semitism Documentation Project ©. For more information visit
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